If you want to practice your Portuguese, learn about traditional African life and lounge on white-sand beaches beside turquoise water in Mozambique!

Mozambique’s beaches are one of the great treasures in the world. The country has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you think Africa is just a big safari park, think again. This gorgeous country and its often overlooked neighbor has SO much to offer!

To put it in perspective, Mozambique is the size of the entire East Coast of the US from Georgia to Maine.

So let’s get this beautiful spot on your radar. Here are the top things to do in Mozambique!

Explore Lake Niassa/Niassa Reserve

One of the African Great Lakes, Lake Niassa, is officially a protected reserve. This place is truly incredible.

Sometimes called Lake Malawi or Lake Nyasa, this sparkling beauty is located between Malawi Mozambique and Tanzania. Its flawless beaches are virtually undiscovered by international travelers so it’s easy to find your own place in the sun.

Go Sandboarding

Your first adventure must be to head to Bazaruto Island to go sandboarding. It’s a blast and you’ll have plenty of photo ops along the way.

Ilha de Mocambique

Ilha de Mocambique

Portugal’s first settlement in the Indian Ocean, Ilha de Moçambique AKA Mozambique Island, is a small area with interesting history. The area is only 1 sq km (.38 sq mi) and it’s connected to the mainland by a bridge so it’s easy to access. The area has a dynamic history and an interesting story of colonization. There are interesting patterns and colors to see.

Visit Nossa Senhora do Baluarte, which is thought to be the oldest European building still standing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ibo Island

Another fascinating destination off the coast of Mozambique is more time-consuming to get to than Mozambique’s Ilha de Mozambique, but well worth it. One of the Quirimbas Islands in Mozambique is called Ibo Island.

There are daily flights from Johannesburg to Ibo Island and several options from Kenya and Tanzania. The traveler who said it wasn’t about the destination might have been talking about the spectacular scenery on this route.

The flight is very exciting.

People often spend the entire trip just on Ibo Island and it is easy to see why. Originally a hotspot for Portuguese and Arab traders Ibo Island has a unique culture all its own. As you explore you will see local fishermen who would look equally at home in any century.

Nearly every family lives in a small house with a garden outside. If you want to get a sense of Old World Africa, look no further than your own backyard.

Go Scuba Diving

Water sports fans will definitely want to get to Bazaruto Archipelago. Whether you want to kitesurf or paddleboard this is a world-class destination.

Of course for me it was all about the diving.

The Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort was a prime base for exploring below the surface of Mozambique. Located just twenty miles from the coast of mainland Africa, the water and beaches at Bazaruto are flawless.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is in a protected national park and pristine.

Go Island Hopping

The islands of Mozambique are the true highlight of the country. It’s worth getting around to as many as possible. Go beyond Ibo Island and hop around to all of the Quirimbas Islands.

Take a boat ride on the Strait of Hormuz.

You can plan on having leisurely meals while enjoying fresh seafood. Pack your snorkeling gear and head out to explore solo in a kayak. The islands are truly an island paradise, so you should be outdoors from sunrise to sunset.

Go Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing in Mozambique is incomparable. Local charters will take you out for an epic catch like marlin tuna and mahi-mahi. Every month has different weather conditions that attract different types of fish.

Even if you aren’t a serious fisherman or woman, this is widely regarded as one of the best places to fish in the world.

Explore Maputo

You will find the capital city of Maputo in South Africa. While Mozambique is best known for its beaches, it is worth spending at least one day seeing the capital city.

Locally Maputo is famous for its party scene. If you want to get off the tourist beaten path and meet the locals, this is an essential experience.

Before sunset, explore the city’s culture and architecture. Visit the National Art Museum Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano, and Chissano Gallery. If you are lucky enough to arrive by train, take a picture of your arrival at one of Mozambique’s most iconic buildings. spots.

Fun fact: The train station dome was designed by Alex Eiffel (yep, he’s the one from the Eiffel Tower).

Soak in the Sun in Tofo

Tofo is the primary town in Mozambique. That said, it is still pretty small. There is one touristy street with plenty of shops, but it doesn’t feel particularly built up. While people around the world have fallen in love with Mozambique, they are visiting refreshingly far-flung destinations.

You won’t find any crazy tourist traps in Mozambique. Besides being a prime spot for snorkeling and diving, Tofo is a top spot for whale watching. Visit the ocean to see whales!

Limpopo National Park

Just beside the famous Kruger National Park of South Africa you will find Limpopo National Park. This stunning national park is home to some of the most impressive animals of Africa.

Explore one of the most beautiful areas of the African forest, walking around lions and elephants.

Are you traveling to Mozambique? I would love to hear about your plans in the comments below!