I’ve been saying it for years, but couples who travel together stay together. You learn a lot about each other and how well you work as a team—especially when things go wrong.

If you want to go somewhere, instead of going to an all-inclusive resort you could try something more adventurous. Whether it’s an expedition to Antarctica skydiving in New Zealand or learning how to dive, there are countless adventures that could happen around the world that would make your vacation fun and interesting. The heart skips a beat.

Ready to make scrapbook-worthy memories?

Here are my top adventurous trips for couples!

Explore Iceland

If you and your partner love adventure, there is no place more perfect than Iceland to explore.

Few places can equal the natural beauty of Iceland. With glaciers, volcanoes, and the famous Northern Lights, Iceland will take your breath away at every turn.

You have to see the Ion Hotel in Iceland. Known for its incredible views of the Northern Lights, this hotel is a great place to stay while you are vacationing in Iceland. I’m sure you can come up with many more examples!

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Lion Sands Ivory Lodge and Treehouses

Go on Safari in South Africa

I love visiting South Africa to see the safari destinations with the magical Lion Sands Ivory Lodge and Treehouses in Sabi Sand Game Reserve. I also enjoy visiting Royal Malewane for its unique architecture and colonial history. a luxurious adventure! Very good!

You and your date can explore the African bush together and experience some world-class pampering.

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Get an Adrenaline Rush in New Zealand

Skydive off a bridge on a BMX. Dive with sharks at Osprey Reef or jump the rapids at Tully River to get your heart racing. Queenstown has been nicknamed “The Adventure Capital of the World” because of all the adventures to be had in New Zealand – it’s no wonder that Queenstown is known as World!

Swim with Sharks in French Polynesia

French Polynesia is known for romance, but it’s also amazing for adventurous couples! I have actually visited two times, but for my 30th birthday, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Bora Bora and fell in love all over again!

Rangiroa jet ski in Bora Bora or surf Teahupoʻo in Tahiti! Stay with the sharks at Rangiroa or go surfing on Tahiti.

Go on a Liveaboard Trip Together

If you two love scuba diving, you can’t miss the opportunity to go on a liveaboard trip together. You can experience the beauty of the underwater world and have the excuse to go without technology.

I went scuba diving in Raja Ampat with the Samambaia Liveaboard and it was one of a kind.

If you don’t yet have your PADI certification, you can use the trip as your excuse to score your qualification. There are countless boat trips that sail past some of the world’s best diving sites!

Hike Around Cinque Terre

The Via dell’Amore (or Path of Love) in the Italian Riviera has captured the heart of countless lovers. Unfortunately since a flood a few years ago, it’s not quite in perfect condition.

Instead, I would recommend the nearby High Path or Blue Path. Both provide a beautiful view of the Italian Riviera. The High Path is more strenuous but quieter.

Akumal, Mexico

Explore the Yucatén Peninsula of Mexico.

I heard that the world’s largest underwater cave system was discovered in Mexico. This impressive site covers over 216 miles!

For beach bums and divers alike, Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is the ultimate romantic adventure destination. Spend your vacation swimming with whale sharks in Isla Holbox snorkeling with sea turtles in Akumal or diving Mexico’s cenotes.

Little Kulala in Namibia

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

There is more romance in a hot air balloon ride. Of course, there are some romantic destinations, like Cappadocia in Turkey, but what about a hot air balloon safari?

From above, you will be amazed by the variety of colors that Kenya and Namibia have.

Change your perspective for a totally romantic and adventurous experience!

Road Trip Through Namibia

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, ditch that balloon and go for a ride!

Namibia is unlike any other destination in the world. You can explore this country on a road trip that will take you past shipwrecks, arid landscapes, giant sand dunes and wildlife of Etosha National Park.

Watch the Northern Lights

Another romantic and adventurous experience is to see the Northern Lights together. Plan romantic rendezvous (a one-night stand) over the winter months in Europe and travel to Iceland, Finland or Sweden.

If you don’t want to leave the country, head north to Canada or Alaska!

Book an Antartica Cruise

Two weeks without Internet? Long nights with hot chocolate?

Take your S.O. on a trip to the end of the world! You will be sailing from Argentina and traveling through Antarctica, which is bigger than some cities, full of penguins, and you can see rare birds like albatrosses and condors when you go there.

Sail Around the World Together

What is more epic and romantic than hopping into a sailboat and setting off for the horizon? Being in a cozy space like a boat is perfect for reconnecting with friends and going on adventures that you will remember for years to come.

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What are you waiting for? Book that adventurous trip that you have been dreaming about, and make some unforgettable memories! With plenty of places to discover in the U.S. and abroad, there’s something to suit everyone’s budgets!