I kicked off this decade by going off-grid with my boys. Meyer and I (with Bailey the Cockapoo, our little bundle of energy!) swam in the ocean, snuggled on sandy beaches, and camped in the woods.

Connecting with nature restores me and reminds me what’s most important.

Wherever you live I recommend packing your bags and turning off your phone. However, while it sounds idyllic and laidback there is definitely some preparation to be done before any camping trip. When you set off on your adventure it is crucial to: Have all of the basic supplies.

Ready to disconnect and get back to nature? Here is what you need to make it comfortable and cozy for even the most luxurious traveler.

Here is the ultimate camping gear list!

My Current Campsite Setup

Just for context, our camping setup in Cape Town is for two people and a pup.

I have provided recommendations throughout this blog post for packing for more than two people. However, I have also provided helpful tips regarding tent arrangements.

And most of our trips are between two and four nights, so this is for weekend warriors. This might not be everything you’ll need for living out of your car or camping; this is more recreational camping.

Hopefully it will help you prepare for your epic adventure.

Kitchen + Cooking

When you are camping, it is important to bring enough food.

It is nice to have a Jetboil Mini Mo and Cobb grill as an option for quick single-burner use. But we love the Cobb for full meals, and we use it for everything!

Our Stovetop (1-2 people):

Our stuff is geared towards cooking for one- to two people. Here’s what we use:

  • Jet Boil Mini Mo: A small pot that can be transported easily.
  • For pots and pans, we use a stand for them. We place the stand on top of the burner.
  • Fuel: Lastly, just place a little wick in the burner.

Stovetop Option 2 (3+ people):

If you’re looking for something larger, go with something bigger.

  • Jetboil Genesis Base Camp: For a bigger group, you will definitely need two burners.
  • Upgrade to a larger fuel tank so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Coal Cooking (For Any Amount of People):

  • Cobb: We love this for a good old fashioned BBQ!
  • Use the eco-friendly option that fits into a Cobb.
  • Pizza stone for Cobb: It’s my new favorite kind of pizza.
  • Cobalt cutting board: Bamboo is a clean food, and can be used to prepare food too.

More Cooking Items:

Every true coffee lover knows that most of us have a coffee prep method very near and dear to our hearts. You will have a few good quality options while you are camping. And luckily the Jetboil will boil water super quickly so you don’t need a big pot even if you are brewing for one or two people. a few people.

Here are some good choices for brewing coffee:

  • Pour-Over Coffee: This is an easy to pack drip coffee.
  • An Aeropress is a great option for ground coffee.
  • Nespresso: This works for both Nespresso pods or ground coffee.
  • A French press is a small, portable appliance.

The ultimate camping meal plan includes this camping recipe for ravioli and a camping packing list to prepare your outdoor adventure.

I have a plan for our meals so we do not bring too many items and we have space to store things that spoil.

Utensils and Dishware:

It’s all about durable and easy to transport supplies. The last thing you need is a trunk full of chipped plates! Here’s how to keep it simple:

  • This is a dream! We have all the tools we need in one place so we don’t have to think about where something is.
  • Plates (x2): BPA-free and indestructible.
  • Bowls (x2): Another safe and sturdy pick.
  • Stanley Thermos + Cups: I love the way these look and how these will last for generations.
  • Treat yourself to a stainless steel wine glass for your thermos. Nobody wants from you from your thermos.
  • Grilling tongs: These are very handy for cooking and barbeque-ing of all kinds.
  • Extendable marshmallow sticks: You cannot have a campfire without marshmallows.

Kitchen Cleaning:

When you don’t have the right supplies, things can get messy fast. Here are a few camping-friendly essentials:

  • A Wilderness Wash is a good way to clean dishes and clothes.
  • Bring the kitchen sink!
  • Collapsible Basin (for washing/drying)
  • Drying Mats
  • An eco-cleaning cloth is used to clean surfaces/dishes.
  • Loofah Scrub (for deep cleaning)
  • Dustpan + Brush

Kitchen Extras:

Here are some basic things that can be used while camping or when picnicking, such as: paper plates, paper cups, napkins, plastic silverware.

  • Tablecloth: Compostable: If you want to make a mess and toss it. Re-usable: These are handy when you need something to use for longer than the day.
  • Tablecloth Clips
  • Fly Fan
  • Food Tents
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Reusable Storage Bags
  • 2-3 Storage Containers
  • A medium-size mixing bowl (for prep and serving).
  • Small Bio Trash Bags for Food Scraps

Cool Storage for Food:

  • You must have a dual battery system or a generator. Otherwise your car battery will be drained or it won’t work. Then, it’s kind of pointless to have.
  • An insulated cooler bag is a must-have. Alternatively, you can use a cooler box or cooler bag for outings that last only one day.


The longer you are camping, the more that you will want to bring. While roughing is already for one night it’s essential to have some basics if you want to really settle in. If you plan to camp regularly, it’s definitely worth investing in good quality gear. That will last a lifetime.

Tent Setup:

  • Roof tent: This is a cool option if you have a big vehicle. It includes a mattress, so you can get started running (or sleeping) right away!
  • 2-Person Tent
  • 4-Person Tent
  • Two-person sleeping bag: conserve heat together!
  • Camping Pillow: We use this to provide extra comfort for our sleeping bags.
  • Camping Pillow (x2)


Plans should allow for more than one chair per person. We always bring two small chairs, because they are easily packed and the ideal choice if you are sitting with a dog or kids. We also have a big saucer-shaped chair that is incredibly comfortable, especially if you are cuddling up with a pet or children.

Collapsible (Space-Saving):

  • We have two of these chairs. They are collapsible, easy to store, and include storage bags for them both.

Recliner (Most Comfy):

  • Zero Gravity (x2): SO comfortable!
  • If you have a dog or a child, get a saucer chair.


I like to make the whole experience better by having a few surfaces around the campsite. I usually have a small multipurpose table by my chair and another one for cooking and eating.

  • Front Runner Pro Stainless Steel Table
  • Small Multi-Use
  • Side Table

Kitchen Shelf System:

If you camp a lot, it will be useful to have a small kitchen on-the-go that can be opened and closed. It will be easier to find things when they can be removed from boxes and you can also use another surface for cooking.

  • Finish: The true sign of a serious campfire chef!
  • Single: Easy, lightweight fix

Outdoor Mat:

I love being outdoors, but I get annoyed when I feel like there is a layer of dust on me. By using an outdoor mat I am able to walk around barefoot and stay relatively clean while keeping the whole place less dusty.

  • Large mat: This large mat is ideal for creating a more comfortable outdoor living space.
  • Outdoor rug: Take things to the next level with a gorgeous outdoor rug. This is the perfect way to decorate your patio or yard in all seasons, rather than keeping it for camping only.

Storage and Organization

Storing is crucial for keeping things organized. If you camp regularly, you can save yourself a lot of wasted time by creating a place for everything.

  • Front Runner Wolf Pack (x4): These are so durable and endlessly useful. Create more surfaces and seats while stashing your gear.
  • Front Runner Cub Pack (x2)
  • Front Runner Flat Pack
  • Front Runner Labels
  • Zip ties: You’ll always find endless uses for these. I use them all the time to hang lanterns and lights.

Bath + Toiletry Essentials

Of course roughing it doesn’t have to mean doing without the basics. Here’s how I keep things clean!

  • Biodegradable Wipes: Wipes are worth their weight in gold when you camp. To reduce waste and eco-friendly is a must.
  • Pack your own toilet paper. Most campgrounds do not provide their own toilet paper, so it is wise to pack some along with you.
  • Hanger hooks on beach towels make drying a breeze. I especially like the small towel they include, as it can be used as a face or hand towel.
  • Go eco-friendly to leave no trace in the campsite. This stuff is especially good because it’s concentrated so you don’t need to bring much to the campground.
  • I LOVE Lush solid shampoos. Not having to deal with the mess and weight of liquids is awesome plus it’s another way to reduce plastic.
  • LUSH Big Conditioner 

Camp Lighting + Gadgets

A camping trip is best when you have a few different lighting options to make it easier to get around.

Our Defender is set up with a dual battery system so that we can use a refrigerator in the car.

This tent is geared toward people going off the grid without electricity. It also implies that there will be a water source and a toilet at this campsite.


  • Solar Lanterns (x4)
  • Compact Gas Lantern + Tall Fuel Canisters
  • Solar Large String Lights (x2)
  • Solar-powered fairy lights (2 pack): These create such a magical effect!

Camp Gadgets:

  • Hanging Fan: On camping trips in hot weather, I use this to cool myself off. The fan is charged with a solar panel during the day and keeps me cool at night.

Solar Power

  • 100 watt solar panel: A perfect charger for all our needs.
  • Solar Generator: This is great for storing electricity.

When you’re off the grid, and there is no way to get power from the grid, solar energy is the best and most efficient means of powering things. Our small solar panel can charge your phone, but you need to keep it plugged in and let it charge in the sun. It doesn’

There is also one that has a higher wattage. It is more expensive. But you will get a lot more bang for your buck and it will give you a lot more energy. You can charge bigger items like your laptop camera or multiple things at once. But again it doesn’t store the power, so keep in that in mind.

Then the solar generator stores power. So you will use the 100 Watt solar panel to store power.

Games + Entertainment

One of my favorite things about camping is disconnecting. Turn off the screens and go for some old school fun with these.

  • Travel Rummikub
  • UNO: A special nature lover Edition!
  • Keep your theme in mind while you select animals. Be sure to pick animals that match your category, or you may be disqualified.
  • Trivial Pursuit National Parks
  • Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Speakers are great because they have a hanging loop so you can use one of your ties to clip it to a tree. They are also waterproof and it floats so it is super durable and camp-friendly.

And there you have it! That is my ultimate camping gear guide.