Did you see the Ultimate Campsite Packing Guide? When it comes to camping and glamping I like to plan as much as possible, so that I can have a less stressful experience so that I can be more in the moment rather than scrambling because I forgot to pack something.

That said, I also like to plan meals so we don’t bring too much food and have enough room for any perishable items.

This list is for two people over the course of a 2-night weekend trip. So if you have any more people joining you, you may want to double the ingredients suggested here.

Here is my camping meal plan and packing list!

When it comes to camping, I want no-fuss meals that remind me of camping as a kid. So enter the cheeseburgers pancakes pizza and s’mores galore!

Most of the time we eat plant-based foods. This works well for camping since some vegan treats don’t spoil as quickly and can stay out a bit longer.

If you want to make non-vegan items, make sure your perishables will stay at the right temperature to prevent them from going bad!

Packing List and Meal Planning

After playing UNO and having fun, you’ll be hungry. You’ll want a good meal. Cook some traditional campfire food and eat it with your family after spending time together at camp.

Here is what I always bring with me on a trip: a sample two-night menu.


This is what I keep in my cub packs.

  • Organic Hot Cocoa Powder
  • Popcorn is great for making popcorn. It can be eaten straight from the bag, but it also tastes delicious on top of chili or soup.
  • Condiments:Salt, pepper, cayenne, nutritional yeast (for popcorn), honey, or sugar can be dried on whole leaves, cut in bits/sticks/shavings for popcorn seasoning.
  • Olive oil for cooking (if you will have temperature control).
  • Vegetable Oil for Popcorn
  • Truffle Oil for Popcorn and Eggs
  • Coffee beans are ground.
  • Tea Bags
  • We reuse the containers for drinking water. This is enough for two people to drink and cook, even if you do not have a water source. If you don’t have a drinking water source, bring more for washing dishes.
  • Biscuits: These are crisply baked, crumbly soft-baked biscuits. They are soft and crispy at the same time. People in South Africa love to eat them. Since they’re so popular, I’ve taken to them. It’s just that


  • Almond Milk (for coffee + cooking)
  • Butter—We go vegan with this
  • Condiments:Mustard mayonnaise (again vegan, which is handy because it extends shelf life) ketchup He asked me what this passage means: Fennel seeds bring a bright green color and a strong licorice flavor to the salad. The flowers of fennel start as green buds and turn yellow as they mature.


Beyond Meat burgers will be served with cheese (cheddar for me), tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and pickles. Let’s eat!

Sausage Rolls/Hot Dogs:

Sausage—love their original brats Onion for grilling Hot dog buns Corn on the cob for grilling


Vegan pancake mix contains blueberries and fresh fruit.


We can buy pre-made refrigerated pizzas from our local store, but we can bring all the ingredients and even bake from fresh dough.

Egg Croissant Sandwich:

Stuffed French croissants, scrambled eggs with almond milk and salt & pepper, mushrooms, goat cheese, spinach.

S’mores Stuff:

Graham crackers Organic Dark Chocolate transforms s’mores into something more delicious. Graham crackers transform marshmallows into something better.

Snacks + Drinks:

Trail Mix Chips; Soft drinks; Beer and Cider; Wine Not all of these sound like foods that would be safe for my second grader, but I am sure that you can come up with some things that your child will not be able to eat.

Kitchen + Cooking Essentials

Bringing too much food and not eating is a good way to go hungry.

We travel with a Jetboil Mini Mo and a Cobb grill. It’s nice to have the option of using a single burner if we want to heat up only some water or something small, but we use it for every meal all the time.

Our Stovetop (1-2 people):

Our stuff is geared toward cooking for one to two people. Here is what we use:

  • The Jetboil Mini Mo is an easy to transport burner.
  • We place one of these on the burner to support pots and pans.
  • Lighter Fuel: Finally, place one of these in to fuel the burner.

Stovetop Option 2 (3+ people):

If you travel in a group, go with a larger model.

  • Jetboil Base Camp: For a group of more than two, you will definitely want two burners.
  • Upgrade to a larger fuel container so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Coal Cooking (For Any Amount of People):

  • We love this for a good old fashioned BBQ!
  • Choose the most eco-friendly option that fits in a cobb.
  • Pizza stone for cobbler: I like Italian wood-fired pizza, but this is my new favorite.
  • A cobb cutting board is a bamboo serving board.

More Cooking Items:

Coffee lovers know that most of us have a favorite way of making coffee while camping. You’ll have several good options, and luckily the Jetboil will boil water quickly so you don’t need a big pot even if you are brewing for several people. Some people.

Here are a few good options for brewing coffee: I bought a coffee pot and I am going to start making coffee.

  • This is an ultra easy-to-carry-along drip coffee option.
  • A great option for ground coffee.
  • Nespresso: This works for both Nespresso pods or ground coffee.
  • A travel-friendly French press is a French press.

And that is all that I have brought for my camping trip. Everyone loves pizza and popcorn, right?

What else might you make on a camping trip? Let me know in the comments below!