Last year I had a serious back injury and my health took a toll. So I ate my way through all of our snacks (and then some) and put on a bit of quarantine weight.

After a few months, I got back into shape. I began to eat better and I started working out more.

I was able to lose the quarantine pounds, but after I got out of quarantine, I did not keep my healthy habit of working out. And then I ended up in the hospital.

I have been through a lot of setbacks, but now I am in a place where I can focus on becoming healthier. I have lost muscle strength and flexibility and my core strength is seriously lacking.

The best way to prevent future back injuries? Strengthen the core!

I don’t consider myself the most sporty person or someone who really likes to run. So if I want to improve my physical fitness, I need to look into what activities I should do:

I find that I get bored easily with workouts. I need some form of accountability. My schedule is all over the place and sometimes I’m home, sometimes I’m traveling, and sometimes running is a problem. I need to make accommodations to prevent back injuries.

Your pickiness is a little excessive, but it works for me!

I am using Future Fitness App to get back into shape. The best personal training app for frequent travelers!

What is Future Fitness App

Future is a computer program that fuses the virtual online platform with personal fitness training. The belief behind Future is that everyone is different — so shouldn’t each person have a custom fitness program designed for their goals and level of fitness?

It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

Try Future

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Here is the short and sweet version of how it works:

  1. Download the app on your phone.
  2. Complete a short questionnaire about your goals.
  3. Explore the coaches to find a style that fits.
  4. Each week, you will have a different workout. Each week, your workout will be designed just for you.
  5. Monitor your progress with your Future Coach!

The idea behind it is really cool because you can pick your very own coach from a myriad of qualified folks, if not overqualified.

You and your coach will discuss your fitness goals. Are you looking to get leaner, stronger, more active, simply be active again, sweat, have fun, improve your performance or reduce pain or injury?

I love that from the beginning it’s all about customizing and figuring out what works for you! Your coach will take into account how often you would like to work out what equipment you have available your goals and current fitness level as well as what your schedule looks like.

It is one-on-one coaching!

Your coach will create a custom training plan for the week based on your schedule and your progress. You can see an overview of what your week looks like in terms of movement.

If you are unable to get your workout in they will re-arrange your schedule or if you are traveling they will design a workout for you to do at their hotel.

You will also have constant contact with your coach. They check in daily via texting through the app to keep you on track and see how you are doing.

Using Future Fitness App

Once I downloaded the app, I found my trainer Joseph. I FaceTimed with him and we talked about my goals and all of my caveats: I have a previous back injury that affects me, so I get bored easily. We talked about what equipment I have at home and what my schedule looks like.

He listened to everything I said, and I’m very impressed!

The workouts he has put together are interesting and keep me interested. He even made use of my dislike for running and replaced it with the Peleton workouts (I love!).

As a heads up, you need an Apple Watch to track your heart rate and progress. I already wore an Apple Watch so for me this was awesome as everything is super seamless and takes all the data without me having to plug anything in post-workout.

The app itself is AWESOME! (It doesn’t come as a surprise, though. The team behind Future comes from companies like Apple, Nike, Google Fitbit and the NBA.)

I’ve used workout apps in the past that were kind of complicated and Future is anything but that.

Future combines tech elites personal training and customization. So for someone who is extreme in technology and making things efficient, this is the best of both worlds.

Workouts are demonstrated with videos. Your coach can go in with voice notes to provide encouragement or make any modifications, and you can choose a playlist that plays at the same time.

It’s pretty darn cool!

My Experience Using Future Fitness App

I love how the workouts are constantly changing. Every day I get to try new exercises, so I don’t get bored doing the same movements over and over again.

Plus the fact that he is also doing P.E. classes is a really cool bonus.

Because I’m always in communication with my coach, I’ve definitely noticed that I’m more accountable and motivated to work out.

I used to be very prone to falling off the workout wagon because of my travel schedule. Good intentions, but then I would miss a few days and suddenly it’s been a month and I’ve lost all hope for whichever program. I was following.

Future is so flexible, and my coach takes into account my travel dates and what I have access to it truly helps me build workouts into my schedule.

If you are busy as well, this is for you!

Future is ideal for those who want a customized plan with a personal trainer but who travel frequently.

Whether you need accountability help with workouts or finding things that work for you, I would definitely recommend this app!

This post was sponsored by Future Fitness App. As always all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.