Whether you are looking for a bathroom or want to order something vegetarian, it is not always easy to communicate with the locals.

Sure pantomime or the “point and hope” method can work for some things, but not for everything.

I have been lucky enough to grow up speaking another language that is so widely used and while still other people may understand a little bit of English, I have found that locals really appreciate it when you put effort into learning their language.

A simple “please” or “thank you” can work wonders.

Before a trip, I like to pick up a little bit of the lingo. Knowing some of the key phrases will be useful. It’s been hard to find a book that teaches me just enough so that I can travel confidently.

I spend too much time on learning programs that focus on learning a full language but I can never remember lessons from books.

The Drops app is here to change the way you learn languages. It is perfect for those who like to travel far and wide!

Here is the best language learning app for travelers.

What Is Drops?

First off is available as an app for your iPhone or Android.

It’s designed to make learning languages easy and fun with games that teach you vocabulary and phrases as well as the essentials you might want to know when visiting foreign countries. (I’ll get into the games below!)

You should spend several minutes each day playing the games to learn new words and regularly practice speaking the common phrases you have recently learned so that you can easily remember them when in the real world.

With the free version, you have a limited time to complete a task. With premium, you have unlimited time and can bypass the timer completely.

There are 45 different languages you can choose from, so whether you’re traveling to an Arabic-speaking country or trying to learn French or Japanese, there are plenty of options!

They’ve even offer Hawaiian Icelandic and Swahili!

I like that you can choose what topics to learn. You can focus on things like Food & Drinks, Nature & Animals, Business & Tech, or there’s a category called “Travel Talk” which is geared toward words and phrases you’d typically use Traveling.

It’s the perfect language learning app for travelers!

Using Drops

I’ve been using Drops to learn helpful travel words and phrases in Arabic and I’m really enjoying the process!

While I don’t necessarily need to learn Arabic or speak it well because I’ve traveled quite extensively in Arabic-speaking countries, I would like to improve my conversational skills.

The best thing about Drops is that it’s broken up into topics of interest as I mentioned above.

So you are studying things that would be useful to know while traveling: greetings, transportation, bargaining, and more!

The language learning process is unique, especially for a language with an alphabet that is not visually related. Visual learning becomes imperative, and I like it because both visual and auditory are used.

I want to hear how words are supposed to sound while seeing them spelled out.

As for the game format? I dig it!

The games are simple and fun. They use simple graphics and vibrant colors.

Some of the activities will require you to drag and drop bubbles to their corresponding word or phrase. Some of them will involve spelling out the phrase with bits and pieces of it scrambled up.

But the nice part is that you don’t have to use the keyboard to type things. Using other apps in the past has been incredibly intimidating for me because I have never had to type out words in another language.

The best way to learn a language is by practicing a little every day so building upon what you learned and keeping it interesting is key.

That’s why I like that everything can be set for intervals and reminders can be added to do it daily!

Great for Travelers

The beauty of Drops is that it’s not about becoming fluent or for total immersion learning it’s about getting you chatting with locals faster!

I traveled to countless places that I wish I could understand some of the signage.

A big plus for me when learning a language? I love being able to order food in a local language and be able to thank the chef for his or her great meal.

During my first international trip when I learned Spanish and was studying abroad in Spain, I found interactions with locals much more meaningful and it was so cool to converse in their language!

Ever since then, I try to pick up a little bit of the language wherever I go.

Studying a new language is important for traveling to other countries.

  • Communicating with taxi drivers or checking bus routes
  • Explaining food allergies or preferences.
  • Signage (and other forms of signage) can help you avoid getting lost.
  • Buying and bargaining at a market
  • You can meet people you would not have been able to talk with otherwise.
  • Understand the culture of the people.

Learning another language helps improve your thinking and memory skills. Learning another language is literally strengthening your brain’s ability to focus — how cool is that?

Whether you are heading out on an international trip or want to pick up some new language, Drops makes it easy!

What languages would you like to learn?

Download Drops for iOS or Android here (using this link will give you 50% OFF a yearly subscription!).

This post was written in partnership with Drops. As always, my thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own and based on my own travel experiences.