Love is found when you least expect it. For me, that found true love in South Carolina. On a trip down to the Low Country, I discovered what had been missing from my life all this time.

A perfect place for relaxation is the swing hanging from an old oak tree. The smell of the green leafy growth, the sound of cicadas singing in the distance, and the soothing crickets chirping in the evening breeze all made it a great getaway.

After leaving the car, I stepped out onto the trail. The Spanish moss gently swayed in the breeze overhead. The incredible natural beauty of this area was truly breathtaking.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, you’ll want a place that’s close to the beach. The Montage Palmetto Bluff Resort is located only five miles from the Atlantic Ocean, so you can take advantage of your surroundings. Here’

Getting There

They say it’s an hour and a half by car from Savannah, South Carolina to Bluffton, South Carolina. And that’s not counting the time it takes to get through the traffic. I drove all of that way on my motorcycle.

It was a perfect stop on my adventure from Savannah to Charleston. It was beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing. I sat in the living room of an old house reading a book for hours, before hiking through the woods to check out the wildlife.

The Inn Library Lounge

About  the Property

Located just outside of Bluffton Montage Palmetto Bluff Town is a small gated residential and resort community. It was built by the local resort, which has managed it to its current state.

This 200-acre community is home to two picturesque villages.

As you arrive by the security gate and make your way down the oak alleyway, the space splits into the Montage hotel property with its main inn along with single-family homes that house longer-term residents.

Let me tell you, it’s stunning!

On the May River there is a diverse collection of wildlife and birds that call the area home. Wandering around this lush property you will find foxes, deer, and even an occasional alligator.

To preserve this area’s natural beauty, the history and culture are kept intact.

For the past two decades, a team of archaeologists and the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy have worked together to maintain the ecological and historical integrity of this particular space.

Montage Hotels & Resorts is known for being exceptionally luxurious. Amongst the most distinguished collections of property in the world, I have been lucky enough to visit The Montage Deer Valley in Utah and Montage Laguna Beach.

While both stunning and breathtaking are wonderful words to describe the land South Carolina, this description is truly on a different level.

Getting Around the Property

To get around the expansive property they offer a text service that will bring you to any location you want to visit.

You just send them an email and they are on their way. I didn’t use it much, but I did take advantage of the service on check-in. They picked me and my baggage up at the front desk and delivered me straight to my door.

The Rooms

I spent three nights in one of the cottages and fell in love with the place. Upon arrival it had an amazing crudité platter and salted shortbread cookies with a bourbon jam.

In reality, it was actually quite tasty. In fact, I asked for more to take home with me. However, unfortunately you’re not allowed to take it home with you.

Daily cleaning and turn down are available, but you can also request that the bed be made for you. When that is done, I liked that they provided a little dolphin to shut off their sheet-changing machine.

I try to be as friendly and sustainable as I can so that considerations like this are always appreciated.

Room / Cottage

The cottage has a cozy fireplace in its living room for cozy winter stays, and an enclosed patio overlooking the May River.

The new master bedroom was full of surprises. The lying-in-bed area had a walk-in shower that doubled as a steam room! That tub was huge! And the cabinets were outfitted with oversized drawers. All in all, it was amazing.

I used these spa-worthy features daily and loved them. Original: To the left is a very large vegetable garden with fruit trees, lavender, peach trees, rosemary bushes, and many other plants. It was my private place where I could relax in peace. On the right is an orchard with apple trees, pears,


The property is well lit and clean.

I could come back with my future children and explore the beautiful universe.

While I had a wonderful stay here this luxurious escape is ideal for family and four-legged visitors. With endless expanses of wilderness to explore children can earn badges as they complete certain activities for an extra special stay.

Like a luxury summer camp stay minus the summer camp!

Upon your arrival, you are given a bicycle to enjoy.

Cycling is the perfect way to get around while enjoying the scenery along the way. I had a great time cycling around post office local boutiques and restaurants.

There was a dog who lived in his own special room in the center of this home. It was great to have an on-site canine and I definitely would bring my own pooch when it’s time to hit the slopes.

When it comes to outdoor recreational activities, there are a number of options. Play a game of tennis or golf. Take a hike or go fishing on the lake.

This is a perfect place to rent a kayak, canoe, or bicycle!

If your taste is for the exotic, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more enticing place than this. After perusing the many activities available, I made my choice. I decided on a dolphin tour, but only because there are so many options. If you have an interest in exotic activities, this resort will not disappoint.

The Pools

There are several pools around the villa, and you can choose between the adults-only or family-friendly pool. Original: I want to live in this villa with my family. It’s very spacious and has three bedrooms that could easily accommodate eight people. The staff is also great and they know how to take care of

Near the main check-in area, the family pool area offered live music and swimming.

I loved that the pool service offered Coola Suncare, a natural and organic brand from San Diego. I’ve been using this product for years and love it!


The dining options on-site are second to none. In addition to the on-room and private dining options, there are seven restaurants on-site.

Even though I had four days to explore, I wish I’d had more time to eat my way around!

The shrimp and grits I ate at the Octagon Restaurant were the best meal I’ve ever had in my life.

For breakfast, I often head to Octagon Restaurant in the inn or Buffalo’s for southern Italian-inspired dishes. I prefer to go to Buffalo’s one morning and found a nice array of light breakfast options.

I had planned to go over to Fore & Aft for a taste of Mexi food one afternoon, but the property was so big and there were so many places to eat I didn’t even get a chance to go by it!

Within the property there’s a little town where you’ll find an ice cream parlor called Melt serving up small-batch ice cream along with boutiques selling French-inspired goods.

Again, so many delectable food choices!

In My Opinion

Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina is a beautiful property with an amazing view.

It is one of those places that is a destination in itself. I often stay in places where I leave in the morning and return at night, but never wanted to leave this place.

It’s one of those rare accommodations where you won’t likely (and certainly not willingly) spend your entire holiday on the property.

Come prepared to relax and indulge, but also explore the stunning scenery.