Portland Travel Guide

The urban equivalent of a boys “town is Portland’s Triangle (SW), also known as Vaseline Alley, home to an iconic bar scandal; it’s Ground Zero for Pride Week, but it’s just a drop in the ocean for the city.

Although overshadowed by Portland, Oregon, just north of Seattle, it is still one of the best and most interesting metropolises in the USA. Our Portland guide will help you navigate the city, enjoy the warm weather in Portland and fall in love with the local attractions. South East Hawthorne Boulevard, a busy street of Portland lined with vintage shops, boutiques and cafés is one of the most popular counterculture areas in the city.

For a city that thrives on tourism, Portland’s accommodations cater for all budgets and tastes. Here is our roundup of the best hotels in Portland, most of which are close to Portland Airport.

If you’re a foodie like me, you can’t visit Portland without taking a food tour. You will taste some of Portland’s best food, learn about the city’s culture and history, and meet other foodies and travelers like yourself. With food trucks, forests and creative, quirky vibes, Portland is full of ingredients that make up my ideal city.

It seems like Portland’s food scene is one of its biggest attractions these days. It’s true that the city is full of great restaurants, but it’s not a recipe for excitement. Tasting Portland’s cuisine should be high on Portland’s list of priorities, as the city is known as a gourmet destination known for its high-end dining cars that have produced some of the city’s best restaurants.

Whether it’s the wealth of cultural offerings, the endless culinary choices or one of the others, it’s Portland’s proximity to the sea and mountains and the beauty you can only have by attributing everything to one place.

In Maine, the Portland International Jetport is a state-of-the-art jetport known for its customer service and commitment to sustainability. Strolling through downtown or one of Portland’s many neighborhoods, you will see a distinctive vibrancy of the city that promotes clean air, endless trees and a mix of historical and modern architecture. In Freeport, just 20 minutes south of Portland, visitors can expect first-class shopping and plenty of storybook outdoor adventures.

The island is a 20-25 minute ferry ride from Portland to Casco Bay, one of the most picturesque in Maine. Located 7 miles south of Portland, the hotel boasts a beautiful rocky coastline famously made by local artist Winslow Homer.

Take a trip to Washington Park, which includes Portland’s Japanese Gardens and the adjacent Rose Test Garden, with breathtaking views of the city. During your stay in the city, photograph the iconic Portland Stag sign that keeps the city afloat, as well as the strange murals. Be sure to try one of the famous voodoo doughnuts.

The $2.50 train ride from downtown takes about 40 minutes and provides a great introduction to Portland’s transit environment. The Portland Walking Tour offers more than a dozen different tours of the city that focus on everything from food to the main attractions of Portland’s alternative underground culture.

The state’s largest shopping center is nearby, and there are many hotels and restaurants. Westbrook combines business, culture, outdoor fun and a special community six miles south of Portland and three miles from Portland Airport.

The rooms are modern and spacious, and your hotel is within walking distance of Portland Art Museum, Pioneer Courthouse Square and the Portland Saturday Market. With 119 plush rooms where you can relax and read a good book, the famous Powell City Book Street co-working and communal lounge, two restaurants, a mysterious speakeasy and easy access to nearby attractions and restaurants in Old Town Chinatown and Pearl Downtown, the first spot on the West Coast has everything you need for a vacation. One of the art attractions that attracts locals and tourists alike is the Portland Museum of Art.

If you love ice cream, you should definitely try Salt & Straw when visiting Portland. With homemade, fun and interesting flavors like Willamette Valley Honey, Rocky Road, Bone Marrow, Smoked Cherry, Pear Blue Cheese and more, it doesn’t take more than a bite to understand why this is an institution in Portland. Another place not to be missed when you head to Portland is the International Rose Test Garden.

We vegetarians have our own post about our favorite places in Portland, but this guide to the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Portland is more suitable for meat eaters.

Food is at the heart of social culture and Portland’s Mercado is a place where you can taste a variety of authentic Latin American cuisine. One of the most important elements of the Portland food scene are its food trucks. There are more than 500 food trucks in Portland and they are collected in small pods so that you can try a few different ones without having to go too far in order.

Portland has more than 70 microbreweries, more than any other city in America, and Portlanders take their beer seriously. Portland, which prides itself on being an eccentric avant-garde, is easy. Portland is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in the US, to the extent that it’s surprising that “Rainbow Connection” isn’t the official anthem.

The Inn at Northrup Station is not one of your average Portland hotels. This airy Airbnb vacation rental in the Russell neighborhood of Northeast Portland features an en suite bathroom and amenities such as heating and Wi-Fi.