From the friendly locals to the world-class wine to the sun-soaked beaches there is a whole lot to love about Portugal. It’s one of Western Europe’s most underrated and affordable destinations.

While it’s easy to travel extensively around this small, yet diverse country, many travelers make a beeline for the capital and never cross the city limits. Though I would highly recommend exploring the winding streets of this beautiful city and checking out Lisbon’s mouthwatering food scene, that is not what I would recommend in my article. Portugal is a country that has so much more to offer.

When you hike the dramatic cliffs overlooking the golden beaches and explore the village surrounded by Roman vineyards, you will know precisely why this small coastal country is worth your attention.

Ready to explore your new favorite European destination? Here are 10 places you can visit in Portugal that aren’t Lisbon.


One of the most beautiful cities in all of Portugal is a place called Lisbon. Surrounded by the stunning beaches of Costa Verde, this city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The place to explore in Portugal is called Porto. This city has a rich history that has influenced its culture and way of life. It’s a wonderful place to visit with friends or family, especially if you want to get away from the hustle of everyday life.

When you’re in the mood for a trip, head somewhere that offers all the things you want to do. Wander among the architectural wonders of the city and relax with a drink at your favorite bar. Go hiking along the rugged coastline and soak up some rays on one of the many beautiful beaches. Whatever you desire you can do it here.

Feeling inspired already? Pack your hiking shoes and Porto travel guide, then hit the ground running.


This archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa is renowned for its unique wine variety and dreamy tropical climate. You’ll often hear the islands compared to Hawaii and it’s easy to see why.

Madeira is a province of Portugal, located in the Atlantic Ocean. It has four islands. Each island is inhabited by its own unique culture.

It’s time to explore the urban wonders of Funchal. The island is a wonderful destination and has many things to see and do, including hiking and surfing on the hills and cliffs. If you enjoy relaxing, then Jardim do Mar beach is where you should go. Finally, you will love staying in Santa Cruz if you wish


Faro is a popular destination, especially because of its international airport (which by the way is served by low-cost airlines like Ryan Air who will fly you to your next European destination for less than 20 euros in many cases).

Unfortunately far too many sun-hungry tourists take the first bus out of town to lounge in the Algarve. While the nearby beaches are gorgeous, Faro is a destination all its own.

In the center of this old city there is a very well preserved castle. Inside, you can find many seafood restaurants and clubs. If you need to stay overnight, I recommend that you do!


The Algarve is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. It’s a picturesque destination, with dramatic cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, golden beaches, and an excellent health care system.

Lagos is the largest city in Portugal, and it’s also the largest city on the southern portion of the Algarve. It has a diverse mix of cultures, which gives it an exciting atmosphere. The center of Lagos offers all kinds of restaurants and shops you can enjoy. On the beach, you can find activities like surfing and

Both of these places are worth exploring, and I especially love Lagos because it’s got far more to offer than your average beach town. Once you’ve explored the sea arches and hidden grottos take in the culture of the buzzing old town. There’s always something going on and it’ Lower Manhattan is one of the best places to relax and spend time with friends. Whether you’re shopping, visiting museums, or simply sitting at a sidewalk cafe and people watching, this is where you want to be!

Planning Tip: If you’ve got an itinerary packed with outdoor activities, you’ll want to arrive at the right time of year. Before you book me for your tour, be sure to grab my guide to the best time to visit Portugal.


This quaint village in the foothills of a mountain is straight out of a fairytale. The UNESCO World Heritage town is an easy train ride from Lisbon and well worth the journey.

Explore the Pena Palace and wander amongst the terraces and courtyards. This colorful castle is home to Parque de Pena and a quick journey down to the gothic wonder that is the Quinta da Regaleira.

If you only have one afternoon to explore Lisbon, head out of the city and to this beautiful little village. You will feel like you’re visiting a Disney movie!


Faro is one of the most charming towns in all of Portugal. It’s located on the beautiful Algarve coast, and it has cobbled streets; whitewashed houses; and a variety of smaller shops and stores.

Take your time exploring the village’s main square and then you can visit the Palacio do Visconde de Estoi – a beautiful 19th-century palace.

As you walk through the grounds surrounding the palace, you can see some astonishingly well-preserved ruins from the second century. Be sure to bring your camera and take a few snapshots of the mosaics that surround the bathhouse.

Old Town of Obidos, Portugal


Another beautiful village in the countryside is home to one of the so-called seven wonders of Portugal. Climb the castle walls then wander amongst the whitewashed cottages.

I promise, it is well worth the trip.

Did you know that the Obidos was once considered a beautiful town? In 1210, King Alfonso II offered the Village of Obidos to his wife as a gift. Today, it’s just as impressive as it was then!

The Douro Valley

This region of northern Portugal is known as a mecca for foodies and wine lovers.

Since the Roman era, the Douro region in Portugal has produced some of the finest wines in the world. It was the very first place on earth to be officially designated as a wine region. Also known as Alto Douro, this UNESCO World Heritage destination has been producing impressive vintages since all the way back to Roman times. ####

Sample some great port wine and take a cruise down the Douro River. Explore the countless picture-perfect villages and wineries that dot the land.

Hungry exploring? Grab a plate!

Portuguese food is one of the more overlooked European cuisines. There are many delectable treats that most people have never heard of. Save my guide to the top 10 Local Foods to Try in Portugal and eat your way around the country.


If you’ve been to Portugal, you’ll know that this is a great town to visit. It has beautiful cobblestone roads, lots of narrow alleys, and even more beautiful people.

For a place to call home, look no further than Portugal. An excellent system of medical services is available to all citizens at a reasonable cost. A high quality of education is also offered by well-trained teachers. Finally, many parks and lots of space can be found in the cities of Portugal. As a result, Portugal is a desirable destination for

The Azores

The Caribbean islands are popular destinations for travelers. Many of these islands are famous for their warm, natural springs and whale-watching tours.

The award-winning network of parks and reserves is home to three biospheres.

This is a great place to vacation. One of the most sustainable places on the planet, it will be a place you want to visit again and again. Whether you are sailing, hiking, diving, surfing, riding horses or biking you’ll have fun here. You’ll never want to leave this beautiful archipelago.

Now let’s start packing! Read up on the essentials you’ll need to know before you go in my complete Portugal travel guide. Now let’s start packing! Read up on the essentials you’ll need to know before you go in my complete Portugal travel guide.