How to Travel Safe? In today’s day and age, there are many safety risks associated with traveling. The best way to avoid these risks is by taking precautions before setting out on your trip. We have compiled a list of 11 tips for you to review before you go anywhere near an airport. Read through this blog post now ( (11 Tips) on How to Travel Safe )!

(11 Tips) on How to Travel Safe

– Research the city you’re traveling to and make note of areas that have a higher crime rate. Keep your purse close at hand, don’t put anything in it that will catch someone’s eye, and keep an eye on what’s happening around you. It is often worth paying for a taxi instead of using public transportation.

– Pack an emergency kit that contains a list of important phone numbers, medications and medical records. Include copies of your passport or identification card on the inside cover to make it easier if you need to identify yourself in case of theft or loss. Keep these items separate from one another in different pockets and/ or compartments.

– If you are traveling through an airport, keep your hands visible at all times when going through security checkpoints. Always remove items from bags before putting them on the conveyor belt for inspection; this includes liquids, laptops, anything that is not to be carried onto a plane.

– When traveling by air, make sure you have a recent passport or identification card. If your documents do not meet the requirements set forth in TSA guidelines, be prepared for additional screening and questioning.

– Before checking into your hotel, find out what their policy is on personal safety items to ensure that they’re going to be compatible with your needs (i.e., are they a pet-friendly hotel, do they have an onsite gym).

– When you’re out and about, avoiding crowds can help protect against pickpocketers or other small crimes that may occur in these areas. If possible, avoid wearing clothing where you have a lot of items (i.e., necklaces, large jewelry).

– If you’re in an area where there are high crime rates or you feel unsafe for any reason, call your hotel and ask them to come to pick you up or escort you back inside the building.

– Upon arriving at your hotel, be sure to always lock your hotel door and keep the chain on.

– If you have a car while traveling, make sure that it is locked at all times when not in use. Keep anything of value out of sight from would-be thieves (i.e., GPS or other valuables).

– If you feel unsafe when traveling by car, make sure to have the address of your destination programmed into GPS and print out a map before setting off. Keep emergency contact information in the glove compartment or on yourself should anything happen while driving.

– When going through airport security checkpoints, remove any sharp objects (i.e., pens or tools) from your pockets before going through the metal detector, remove any liquids, and put them in a clear plastic bag

– Avoid using ATMs that are not located inside of banks because it is likely an area where thieves will be lurking about to take advantage of unsuspecting travelers.

– If you’re by yourself and cannot find your way back to the hotel, call for help (i.e., dial 112). This number will work in any country where phone service is available

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