I wanted to see the pyramids of Egypt for ages. I mean Egypt as a whole is a serious bucket list destination! Spending five days exploring Giza and Cairo was an unforgettable experience. Soaking in the culture and seeing first-hand what’s so special about this place made it all worth it. The culture was really unforgettable.

And the photo opportunities. Oh, how exciting!

It is such a rare treat to be able to see the last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And it should be thoroughly documented.

You need to be strategic in order to get the iconic photos you want of the pyramids and/or smooching the Sphinx, because these very specific viewpoints are hard to get.

Because it is a major tourist destination, there are usually tourists surrounding it. The good news? You can get creative with your angles to take amazing photos even in the midst of crowds! A few essential tips will allow you to snap amazing photos at the Pyramids of Giza without disturbing them. to spend hours looking for the right spots.

Are you ready to say cheese? Here’s how to get amazing photos at the Pyramids of Egypt.

Useful tips for visiting the Giza Pyramids. This is not a pyramid; it looks like a pyramid.

Get There Early

To avoid the crowds, arrive early at the park. The gates open at 8 am and there are many nice things to do before the crowds arrive.

Most buses arrive around 10 AM. I would definitely recommend getting there two hours before the bus is scheduled to arrive so that you can avoid as many people as possible and have more time to soak it all in. If you are coming during the hot summer months, get there before the afternoon heat is so important.

It’s extremely hot in summer. The temps can reach 100 degrees F with no shade from the harsh sun, so it feels intensely hot when you are out exploring and walking.

Learn more about the best time to visit Egypt by visiting my guide. It will tell you when are the best times to see all of Egypt’s sights.

Avoid Fridays

Fridays are the holy days in Egypt, and not Sundays. While the Pyramids of Giza are still open on Fridays, they will be packed with people. Most Middle Easterners take off work on Fridays so expect things to get really crowded.

Be Aware of “Helpers”

Once you are inside the Giza Complex, no matter what you do, people are going to try to bother you. If they see that you have a camera, they will try to bring you to best spots for photos. They are just there for a little money and are unlikely to tell you anything useful. advice.

Helpful Tip:

You may find Egypt is a bit of a culture shock, especially if you’ve never visited the Middle East before. To prepare yourself for your first visit to Egypt, read these ten tips.

Photo Spot: The Sphinx

Once you follow the path past some vendors and through an old stone walkway, you will wind around past some more vendors and end up at the foot of the Sphinx. Follow that path to reach it.

Spot #1:Before going to the ticketed area of the Sphinx, you can walk around a dirt lot to get a head-on shot.

Spot #2:Get a ticket for the Sphinx. Walk up the slope to get a side view of the Sphinx.

You can kiss the Sphinx or stand close enough to kiss it.

Photo Spot: The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid has its own massive parking lot so you will likely need to drive between locations.

The crowds may be overwhelming. You will be on the East side of the Pyramid, which is where you will find the most people. Keep walking!

Walk around the pyramid in a clockwise direction.

As soon as I got to the first far corner, I was already able to get shots without people. Walk a little farther and you will soon find a nearly deserted backside of the Great Pyramid!

Photo Spot: Panorama

This is a Google Maps location. Search for “Giza Panorama.” You can get there by car or camel.

You can see the entire complex from the panoramic view. You can also hop a camel from this point and ride to a vantage point of the Queen’s Pyramids.

I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again: be sure to give it a lot of time to soak in.

Here an op, there an op!

There are photos all around the Giza complex! This photo was taken from a turnoff in the road leading to the Panorama spot.

Photo Spot: Queen’s Pyramids

You can walk from the Panorama to the Queen’s Pyramids, but it is a bit far. Visit the Panorama, though, as it offers camel rides and is very inexpensive.

It’s really up to you!

Photo Spot: Sunset

I would highly recommend spending time with a camel. Not only will you get pictures and videos with the camels, but you also can shoot from a safe distance. Just be prepared to spend some time in the presence of an extremely pungent animal. [The text then goes on to explain that camels have an odor that smells like stale sweat because they keep themselves clean.] Wash all day? (Let me wash you – and everything else – for free.)

If you are not up to riding the camel, there are other ways of getting a picture of the camel.

Be careful. The Giza Complex typically closes at 4 PM in the afternoon, so you will definitely want a guide to explore the perimeter and learn more about it.

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I’d love to hear which of the Seven Wonders of the World you have seen and where you would like to go.