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Flight tickets are subject to change, but there are some things you can do to get the best deals available. To begin with, book your flights as far in advance as possible. In addition, look for low-cost airlines that don’t have as many flights as more popular ones. Finally, fly into airports that have good weather and those

Flying can be expensive if you don’t use the right methods to book cheap flights.

There are many different search engines and comparison sites today, along with new airlines. Plus there are so many different airfare searches these days. These sites allow you to compare multiple airlines to find the cheapest rates for your trip. You can even search for the best available fares within a certain time period for a particular destination. Once you have decided on your

How do you find the cheapest tickets available for flying to your next destination? The answer is easy—you just go online and search for the lowest fares. The travel industry has become very competitive, so all airlines are eager to offer the lowest prices possible.

When I began my career as a travel writer, I learned quite a few tricks for saving money on flights. Now, after 10 years of travel, I’ve discovered some great tips that will help you save money on your next flight, so you can arrive at your destination for just a fair price!

So pack your bags and get ready to fly!

How To Find Cheap Flights In 2020

1. Use The Best Flight Search Engines

The best way to find the cheapest flights is to use a good airfare search engine. These sites search for tickets across many different airlines and offer helpful tools like price predictions based on destinations, fare alerts by email, special deals and more.

It’s a good idea to check multiple flight-search engines before you book a ticket. You never know which site may have the best price for flights, so it’s wise to check more than one.

For the most efficient results, I use search engines to find my next flight. Here are my top 5 search engines for booking travel arrangements.

My Favorite Cheap Flight Comparison Sites

  • Skyscanner (my #1 choice for cheap flights)
  • Momondo (similar to Skyscanner but not quite as good)
  • Kiwi (includes connecting flights to find deals)
  • JetRadar (searches many budget airlines)
  • Google Flights (Google’s attempt at an airline search engine)

While browsing for vacation deals, I always use Skyscanner.

It’s a good idea to do a little bit of research before booking a hotel. Before booking, I always check other sites to ensure I’m getting the best price.

2. Get Error & Discount Fare Alerts

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Many people use more than one search engine when searching for flights. I also use fare alerts.

Search for your destination and input a range of dates. When you find a cheap price, the website will alert you via email to purchase at that location.

There are also a few secret websites that search the internet for the cheapest airfare deals available. All you have to do is enter your travel dates and destinations, and they will quickly find the best deal available.

Join Flight Deal Newsletters

Scott’s Cheap Flights is a great service I use that employs a whole team of people to look for hidden airfare discounts. You can try them out for free to see if it’s worth getting a paid subscription (spoiler alert, it is!).

Browse Error Fare Alert Websites

What is an error fare? Basically, airlines frequently make mistakes when they price out certain routes.

But if they advertise a ticket at a certain price, and you buy it, they have to honor the advertised price even if they sold the same ticket for many dollars less. That’s pretty sweet!

Mistakes cost airlines a lot of money, so they will try to fix them as soon as they realize what has happened. There are websites out there that track these mistakes and share them with you when they happen. For example, a flight from New York City to Paris is listed for $50 instead of $700.

Check these sites regularly or sign up for their newsletters you can get lucky and score some huge flight deals that other people may never see.


3. Find The Cheapest Days To Fly

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Search the Cheapest Dates for Flying

There are many theories regarding the best days or months to fly for the cheapest airfares. It’s not an exact science, however in general the following holds true: 1. Fly on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer months. The flights overall will be cheaper, especially when you fly in large groups, because of lower fuel costs

Book A Few Months In Advance

For international flights booking 2-8 months in advance will land you the best airline deals. For domestic flights booking 1-3 months in advance results in the cheapest flights.

Best Days To Fly

The best days to depart seem to be Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. They’re off-peak with fewer passengers and lower airfares.

Flights during the early morning hours will usually cost less than those at night.

Another way to save money on tickets is by flying during the off-season, or shoulder seasons when there will be less demand. For example? Iceland in the Fall/Winter, or Mexico in the Summer.

Make sure you know the cheapest days of your destination to visit. Below I’ve listed the dates for each month of the year for Washington, D.C. The prices shown are for one person and include all taxes and fees.

  • STEP 1:Visit the Skyscanner website or download their app
  • STEP 2: Enter your departure & arrival cities
  • STEP 3:When deciding on a date for your trip, look at all dates. Choose the “Cheapest Month” option to see all the available dates. Then hit “Search flights” to quickly find the cheapest flights.

When searching for a flight, you can also search by month and day to see which one has the best price.

4. Join Major Airline Newsletters

One of the best ways to get a great deal on airfares is to search for “promo codes” on the airlines’ official websites. Many times, special offers are made available on the sites of many different airlines. Original: The most important thing about buying gifts is always keeping it simple. If you don

Signing up to the airline’s newsletter gives you access to these deals sometimes as big as 50% off the published fares!

Some airlines require you to be a part of their loyalty program in order to sign up for special newsletters. Here are some of my favorites:

If you sign up for a bunch of airline newsletters like this one, you should make sure your email address gets moved to a specific folder so your inbox doesn’t get overrun.

5. Book Tickets In January & February!

Learn When to Book your Flights

Some of the cheapest airfare I’ve seen is available during the month of January and February. Round trip flights from the United States to Europe or Africa for less than $500!? Oh, how great!

You don’t need to travel during those months, because you can book your tickets then.

Last-minute pricing on flights is nothing new. It’s true that airlines want to boost demand when it’s time to fly in the beginning of the year, but we know they’re doing this for a very good reason: They can.

Be sure to book your winter vacation flights early in the year, or else you might not be able to get a seat at all.

6. Check Alternative Airports

If you live near a few airports, check the fares for each of them as well as alternate airports or large hubs. ##### Original: I was making my way through the forest when suddenly I noticed a strange noise. It was a strange sound and would not stop. I knew it must be something and so I started to walk

Sometimes traveling by bus between two different airports can save you a lot of money on flights.

When I fly to New York, it’s cheaper than driving there. It’s also more fun since you get to see the sights along the way. That is, of course, if you have a lot of free time on your hands.

7. Try Flying Budget Airlines

Budget Airlines are Cheaper

For affordable airfare, choose budget airlines. * * *

The Internet is a great way to find low-cost airlines that fly to your destination. You may be surprised at just how cheap the flights are for these budget carriers.

Budget airlines are able to charge less for flights because they don’t offer the fancy services of the major airlines. Things like free checked bags snacks drinks extra legroom etc.

Budget Airline Example Fares

NEW YORK CITY (JFK) for $429 roundtrip with Norwegian Air. Chapter 7: Language and Style Please note that while we have done our best to translate these examples into English, some of them may not be direct translations of the original Latin. This is especially true in cases where we chose to use a phrase or sentence

LOS ANGELES (LAX) – BANGKOK (BKK) for $446 roundtrip with Air Asia.

Some budget airlines don’t allow meta search engines to include their fares in results. You have to visit the airline’s site for a full list of flights and prices.

A cheap ticket on an airline is often non-refundable, and can’t be changed. Plus, they may fly to smaller airports outside the main city requiring additional travel time on the ground.

8. Pick The Cheapest Destinations

Skyscanner Cheap Flight Map

Compare Prices by Destination

With so many options available for travelers, it’s important to be flexible. So try picking your destination based on where the best deals are!

Some sites make this easy like the Skyscanner Inspire Map.

You are presented with different prices for different destinations based on your departure airport.

Flying to a random location can be a lot of fun and you may end up discovering an area of the world you hadn’t planned on visiting.

Flexibility and spontaneity can save you money on flights.

9. Use A Good VPN Service

There are many sneaky ways that airlines attempt to make the most profit. One of their tricks is to charge different fares for people based on their country of origin.

Domestic flights often cost more than those to international destinations. Original: There are now “smart” candles that can be turned on and off through an app. The candles can be programmed so they turn on automatically at certain times of the day. For example, if you want a candle to turn on before bedtime, tell it to

Prices may vary depending on the payment method and the location of the transaction. However, you can beat them at their game by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your location or pretend to be somewhere else.

I use Private Internet Access VPN because it’s easy affordable has a smartphone app and doesn’t slow down my connection.

While using a VPN can save you money on flights, it’s a myth that airlines use website cookie to mess with your fares. Going “incognito” on your browser won’t actually do anything; trust me I’ve tried.

10. Hitchhiking On Airplanes?

Hitchhiking on Airplanes is Free!

Did I ever tell you about the time when I hitchhiked on an airplane? Sure, I’ve told that story many times.

Are you still paying attention? Are you still following me? That was a unique story I just told! It’s amazing how God works in our lives, isn’t it? Sometimes He uses the most unusual methods to show us His love.

Just like searching for the best deal on flights requires a combination of patience, flexibility and luck!

11. Book Flight Legs Separately

Since you’re planning a trip by plane, it might be worthwhile to book different legs of your journey separately. I learned that selling each leg of my trip separately was about $200 cheaper than booking the entire journey all at once with one airline.

You can save money on your trip by booking each section independently. Or, by booking two separate one-way tickets. Spend 30 minutes exploring and see what you come up with.

When flying, it’s important to keep an eye on the arrival and departure times for these flights. Otherwise you might miss your flight.

12. Fly Free With Credit Card Miles

Become a Travel Hacker!

It took me a few years to get into travel-hacking (using airline miles to redeem for free flights), but now I try to recommend it to others whenever I can.

Last year, my wife and I traveled to Antarctica with frequent flyer miles that saved us over $2000 USD. We were able do this as a result of having quickly built up a collection of frequent flyer miles that covered two round-trip flights from New York.

When you sign up for the right travel rewards credit cards, you can easily rack up enough miles to take a free flight. You only pay for taxes on these flights.

13. Open-Jaw (Round The World) Tickets

An open-jaw ticket is a round-trip airline ticket where the destination and/or the origin are not the same in both directions. This means that you fly to one city then travel to another city (or country or many) before returning home.

These are also sometimes known as “RTW tickets” or “Round the World tickets.”

To gain access to many diverse destinations, all at a much lower cost than booking flights separately, is the ideal. OneWorld is a highly recommended travel site for such an experience.

Don’t wait until the last minute to complete a task.

So you’ve finally found the cheapest flights available for your destination, but you heard somewhere that if you wait and book at the last minute, the flights could be cheaper. Don’t do it!

You might be lucky and find an item on sale. But it’s far more likely that the price will rise!

Research shows that booking your flight 3-months in advanceIt seems that the perfect time to buy plane tickets is just before you need them.

This is because airlines are trying to bring in more people by reducing prices and pushing people to get their tickets early. Once the plane fills up, they can raise the price because more and more people want a seat.

More Useful Tips For Booking Flights

  • You may be asked to show proof of your return ticket before boarding. This is the dreaded Proof of Onward Travel Rule.
  • Check out to find the most comfortable seats on a particular airplane model and airline you’re flying with.
  • If you’re looking for information on flying airlines or routes, ask at the FlyerTalk Community Forums (they’re all flying nerds).
  • If you’re going to be late for a flight, then you’re eligible to receive a cash refund from Compensair.