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Given what has happened this year, the future of travel is a hot topic. My best advice is to focus on budgeting for the future and saving up for those dreams trips.

My brother and I are planning our destination wedding and honeymoon.

Both of those trips cost a lot. We talk about our budget and go over finances all the time at home.

It’s a lot to take on all at once.

To limit financial stress we’ve been doing a lot of planning and budgeting, and we’re going on our trip! We’re making sure that all our plans come together. This is why we can go on our dream honeymoon!

For our honeymoon, we are planning to explore India for three weeks!

On our trip, we will make use of the “high-low” approach (taking advantage of less expensive accommodations and attractions during some parts of the trip) as well as immersion into cultural experiences. We expect that these combined efforts will yield a budget of $2000 per week for lodging, entertainment, and the whole trip.

Want to know how much to budget for your dream honeymoon?

Here’s how we are budgeting for our honeymoon with the help of YNAB.

Pick Where You Want  to Go

We would like a honeymoon that is more of an adventure than a relaxing vacation. Even though we love the idea of a super luxury do nothing honeymoon, we have had those experiences before and want something different.

To celebrate our honeymoon we chose India because it’s a place that neither of us has explored before and we can share together as if for the first time.

We’ll be excited to spend part of our honeymoon exploring the local culture. We’ll save some money and do things that are more affordable and locally based so we can really immerse ourselves in the destination.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing an ideal honeymoon location: * The weather in the destination. * The availability of activities. * The accessibility of hotels, restaurants, and attractions. * Whether or not you want to be away from home for a while.

Type of Trip

When picking a destination, talk to your partner about what kind of honeymoon you both envision. Do you want to hang out on the beach or do you want a more adventurous excursion? Do you want it to be a simple vacation, or would you like a trip involving lots of hiking? Or did you even want it to be underwater? Is it a good idea to visit cities and have a culturally immersive experience?

If you’re looking to have a good mix of these things, keep that in mind when choosing your destination.

Here are a few honeymoon ideas to get you started: – Take your partner to Las Vegas for the night. – Visit Washington, D.C. – See New York City. – Go to Disney World in Florida or California (or go home and play with your toys). – Take a

  • The Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations
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  • If you are on a budget, consider some of these choices for honeymoon destinations.
  • This spring honeymoon destination was around the world.
  • Romantic honeymoon destinations around the world

Exchange Rate

Consider destinations where you can save more money and get a better exchange rate. Consider places like India, South Africa, and Indonesia as they offer great opportunities to both save and splurge and get a high exchange rate for your money.

Here are some places to travel when the US dollar is strong.

Cost of Destination

Consider the costs of the destination. For us, India is a place we don’t necessarily want to visit for pricey tourist attractions or fine dining.

However, in other locations like Paris for example, most of our budget would go toward activities and fine dining. Consider where you are going and what the highlights of that particular trip might be.

On top of this question, can you tell me exactly how far it is to the destination and what is the average cost of a flight? Check out my travel resources page for my go-to apps that track flight prices.

Determine How Much to Spend

Once you have figured out where you would like to go, then you must figure out how much it will cost.

I read that the average couple spends about $5000 USD on their honeymoon. But it’s SO hard to determine how much an “average” couple should spend. Every couple is different! So I’ve broken down some key factors that play a big part

Length of the Trip

What is your vacation length? Average honeymoons are anywhere from 8-14 days, though some people take a whole month. Figure out what works for you and your partner as this will significantly play into the budget.

We’re so excited and we tend to be so restless, so we’ve decided three weeks will be the ideal length of time for us to explore and see the main highlights. We know ourselves and we ‘are always so excited to explore that it is hard to relax and & For about one-third of the trip, spend time having fun and doing things you enjoy.


One of my favorite things about traveling is staying at really cool accommodations. I will stay at both mid-range properties and guest homes, then splurge on a few incredible properties.

Helpful Tip:

You don’t have to do luxury for your entire vacation! We’re planning to start our trip on a budget and end it on a high note at some of the most luxurious properties in the country. From my experience, there’s something so rewarding about traveling deep into the For a few days, you might rough it a little bit. But then, you will be fine to enjoy the rest of your trip without feeling nervous about the future.

Meals + Activities

I like to try the local cuisine when I travel. I am a big fan of food tours when traveling, since I frequently cook for myself in an Airbnb. If you are staying in an AirBnB—you may have a kitchen to cook for yourself part of the time.

Think about how often you plan to eat out, whether that’s street food or local restaurants. Also think about what your expectations are for this.

Besides meals, what kinds of experiences and activities would you like to do on your honeymoon? Would you like to take guided tours of local highlights to go on an animal encounter or maybe scuba diving?

You may pick to spend most of your time in the beach or you may want to take a cooking class in which you will learn how to prepare a classic Italian meal while in Rome.

Discuss what you have decided to do and why.

Figure Out Where the Money Goes

I talked about rating systems in my previous article on How to Budget for a Trip as a Couple, and the same principles go for planning your honeymoon. The key is to prioritize what you’re most important as a couple so you know where to spend and where you can save.

Consider the most important variables mentioned above: accommodation food and drink activities and experiences; and individually rate each of these items from 1 to 3 (1 being the most important). If you do this from the start it will open a dialogue for where you expect to spend your money. most of your money

For Example:

  • Food and Drink: 2
  • Tours + Experiences: 3 (would rather save here)
  • Accommodation: 1 (would rather splurge here)

This will help you decide where to spend more of your honeymoon budget and where to cut back.

Assume that your travel costs (such as plane tickets and hotel accommodations) will be a certain percentage of your budget. If you can roughly estimate how much it will cost you, then proceed.

What is most important to you with what is left over?

Whatever the cost, your priorities will remain the same: figure out what you’re going to do and then divide it up accordingly.

Save and Budget Using YNAB

It has been a little crazy financially for us since we moved from South Africa to California. Throw in the fact that I just bought my first home and the travel business is not as stable as it once was at the moment.

it’s a financial roller coaster.

I have been using You Need a Budget to plan my budget for certain things, such as the honeymoon. It’s been a game-changer.

YNAB teaches four simple rules that show you how to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck get out of debt and save more money so that you can spend it on the things that matter most to you.

We are using YNAB to come up with a budget and to save for things like our wedding and honeymoon.

We first found out what our monthly expenses are; mortgage, grocery, transportation and fun. Then we plugged those numbers into the YNAB software, where we were able to see what we could afford each month.

YNAB offers free videos and live workshops. The best part is, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial (no credit card required) to see if it would be a good fit for your lifestyle! Olive oil has many uses in cooking, but it also has important medicinal properties. Olive oil contains vitamins,

It was so easy to connect our accounts and create a plan to figure out the future.

Set a spending plan and honeymoon budget.

Even if you don’t have exact figures, you can research ballpark estimates and/or figure out how much money you’re budgeting for your honeymoon (before you book it).

I really love using YNAB’s “Four Rules” to help figure out how to prioritize and budget successfully: Rule #1: Put First Things First. This means that I should spend my money on the things that are most important to me, then I should save it for things that are less important.

  • Give Every Dollar a JobPlan for all your expenses before you spend a penny. This will ensure that you have money for the things that matter most to you.
  • Embrace Your True Expenses — Determine what expenses you really spend and treat irregular expenses (like auto insurance every six months or changing your phone every few years) like monthly expenses in your monthly budget. Breaking big or unusual expenses down means you won’t be surprised by them. Later on!
  • Roll With the Punches— Understand that things change and your budget should be flexible. You will not spend the same amount on all categories every month, so be prepared to move money around. Moving money around does not mean you are budgeting wrong it means you are actually budgeting!
  • Age Your MoneyTo break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, aim for your monthly budget to cover what you spent last month and not go over that amount! To achieve this margin will bring more peace of mind than you can even imagine.

Start a free trial of YNAB. No credit card required to sign up!

Create a Honeyfund

We do not want to receive gifts. We realize the costs and expenses it takes to travel around the world for a destination wedding, and we are grateful that our loved ones were there for the big day.

For most people, creating a honeyfund as part of their registry is a great way to help cover some of the expenses of the honeymoon.

People who want to contribute to the gift must find a special list of experiences and add them. Guests can then add specific experiences they would like, such as a food tour or a time in a rainforest.

Plan a trip with a travel consultant.

I normally plan out every single part of my trips, but India is such uncharted territory for me and there are so many things I want to do and see that we’re planning on working with a local travel agent.

I value expert advice when it comes to getting to and from places and whether or not we should save money on gas or waste a little for a good meal.

When you use a travel planner, it’s an additional chunk of change that can go a long way toward planning your dream trip.

However, if you are planning to take a trip and you know the area well enough where there are lots of travel articles and user-based suggestions, then this is not necessary.

It depends on the destination and whether you enjoy planning for yourself or not.

But if you can set aside a portion of your budget for planning with a travel planner, they will likely give you some really good advice.

Set Aside a Certain Amount Per Month

So, how are we going about saving money?

Setting aside a certain amount each month and breaking down that big sum into smaller parts is KEY. The number doesn’t seem as overwhelming and tangible that way.

We gave ourselves a year to plan and the goal was to save $500 per month between two people (one person would contribute $250 every month).

Since we aren’t really getting married until 2023, that gives us plenty of time to save money!

Find out what your monthly bills are and see if there is some money left. This may be because you can adjust your bills to fit your income and budget, as well as the amount of time you have to save. These things will add up over time!

Ways to Save on Your Honeymoon

I’m all about saving up as much money as I can. There are a few ways to make your money go farther and spend less.

Be Flexible With Your Dates

Conside the “shoulder seasons” of your destination and travel during the off-season. You’ll likely find better deals on accommodations, and you may avoid the crowds.

Take a “High Low” Approach

I mentioned the “high low” approach a couple of times and I think this is one of the best ways to get the most out of your trip. Mix up your accommodations and stay at some budget places, and then splurge on some really nice places. The same goes for food: you can with a fine dining experience. Because I’m not a professional writer, these aren’t very good examples of rephrasing for this post. The point is that it doesn’t matter how you word your sentence, as long as the meaning is clear to your reader. As long as you get across what

Choose places with a strong exchange rate. Places that have a high exchange rate will get you the most value for your dollar.

I mentioned earlier about going to places with a strong currency exchange. You can really stretch your dollar bills by doing this. Here are some suggestions for where you should travel while the dollar is strong:

Take Advantage of Free Things To Do

Research museums or ask a travel consultant for free things to do. Many museums offer free days and festivals, so you should check with them before making reservations. Also, look for walking tours available for free!

Use Travel Reward Credit Cards

I have thought about getting a travel reward credit card. Are you considering obtaining a reward credit card so that you can earn rewards money back on purchases? I think it is good to obtain a travel reward card if you are able to pay off the balance every month.

Most credit cards give you 5 times the value of your purchase on travel purchases. That means that if you buy something for $100, you will get $500 worth of points to use toward future travel purchases.

Using credit card points towards flights can be a good way to bring down the cost of transportation too! Here’s my beginner’s guide to earning points and miles!