If you are dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation, you will soon be able to go! Hawaii has a unique culture and beautiful beaches. The only real question is which island is best for you?

There is no best island in the group. Each island has its own unique charm and personality. When choosing an island destination for your next vacation, keep in mind what type of trip you are looking for. Are you more interested in swimming with the fish or snorkeling? Is it all about exploring temples or beaches? There are many islands that

You are ready to figure out which Hawaiian Island you should visit? To do that, here’s a full rundown of the islands.

The Big Island

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Also known as the ‘‘Hawaiian Islands.’’

Main Highlights

The towns of Kona Waikoloa Village and Hilo are both worth exploring. The island is quite rural, however, so it’s advisable to make sure you see at least one of the four active volcanoes.

The northern part of the Big Island is a rain forest. From north to south, there is plenty of greenery. So if you like greenery and lots of space, this island may be for you.

Top Things to Do

There are many opportunities to explore the history and culture of the state. The Big Island is filled with nature.

Thanks to its size, this is one of the most diverse of the Hawaiian Islands.

You can wander through lava fields trek the mountains go horseback riding in the Waipio Valley fear the jungles fear the night dive with manta rays. See how it’s done. A new discovery is always an adventure.

The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation spots for tourists. The island is perfect for visitors who want to experience a little bit of everything.


Nickname: The Gathering Place

Main Highlights

Did you know that Honolulu is the eleventh largest city in the country? This is the place where 80 percent of the Hawaiian population lives and it’s likely to be your home for a long while.

There are countless historical sites, museums, and opportunities to see how the locals live.

Top Things to Do

Hanauma Bay is a great place to snorkel. Exploring the history of Pearl Harbor hiking Diamond Head surfing the shore and soaking in the beach city vibe of Waikiki-Waikiki will keep you busy.

If you’re into exploring cities and enjoying first-class dining and accommodations, but also want to enjoy beach life, Oahu is the place for you.

Hookipa Park, Maui


Nickname: The Valley Isle

Main Highlights

This family-friendly spot is more chill and green than Oahu.

There are lots of beautiful beaches here and this developed island is safe for the resort-loving crowd. While there aren’t a lot of big areas or shopping spots it’s a good balance between the big city vibe of Oahu and the ultra-quiet greenery of Kauai.

Top Things to Do

The Hana Highway is an iconic road trip that will take you to some of the most stunning spots on the island. Check out the hippie hotspot of Paia then explore Haleakala National Park, before continuing into Lahaina. You’ll discover outdoor activities galore in Lahaina and Maui! What a paradise for snorkeling, golfing, and windsurfing!

Travel Type: If you love outdoor activities and a resort experience, this is a top choice for you.




Nickname: The Garden Isle

Main Highlights

This is the place to go off-grid. The greenest of all of Hawaii’s islands will feature dramatic tropical rainstorms that come and go quickly, as well as frequent rolling power outages in some spots. If you want to truly feel like you’re on a desert island, look no further than this place!

Top Things to Do

This can be a dream destination for romantic getaways or even just to simply enjoy the beauty of Hawaii. Mark Twain called Waimea Canyon in Kauai the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” and his description is accurate.

A good deal of the island is off limits to cars. It’s a great idea to pack hiking shoes and just get started exploring. Be sure to plan time for the popular Poipu Beach area—and other parts of Kauai!

Travel Type: Nature lovers and anyone looking for a digital detox will adore Kauai.

Other Islands

There are the other Hawaiian Islands that you might not hear about as much but we thought we would give you a few of them. Some notable ones include Maui Molokai and Niihau, and Kauai. All these islands are out there and accessible enough to make a first-time visit and be amazing places to explore and enjoy.

The ones we’ve just run through are the most popular spots.

While there is a lot of spectacular beauty to be found on other islands, you shouldn’t discount them for your next trip down the line.


Each island is unique, in its own wonderful way. However, you’ll find lush beauty and jaw-dropping natural wonders wherever you choose to go.

If you still can’t decide on a destination, why not look into island hopping? I had an amazing time jumping between islands and would recommend it to anyone.

Here are my favorite Hawaiian meals. Make sure to try the local food! When traveling in Hawaii, watch out for shark fins at your favorite restaurant. Also, make sure to use reef-safe sunscreen when you’re enjoying your time on the beach.

Have you been to any of the Hawaiian Islands? If so which ones?