Glamping is becoming a big trend in travel! It combines the comfort of camping with modern luxuries like comfortable beds that are beautiful tents and even clawfoot bathtubs.

While spending some serious luxury camping is still all about being immersed in nature- whether it’s in a forest or high up in a tree!

Here are some of the best camping destinations in the USA!

Falling Waters Resort is a yurt village located in North Carolina.

  The Nantahala Yurts at Falling Waters Resort are inspired by traditional Mongolian designs and provide comfortable accommodation for your stay.

Each yurt comes with a large comfortable bed and a futon on which you can relax. The yurts also have decks overlooking the lake so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can find exciting activities such as white-water rafting and zip-lining around the resort. For the adventure seekers, there are a lot of fun things to do!

A glamping trip to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The tree house is located in the Sequoia forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It has a comfortable bed, small stove, and refrigerator. I bet you wish you had this type of luxury!

There is a full bathroom and an amazing hot tub in the woods. Go swimming in the pool or hot tub. Enjoy wildlife around you by hiking biking fishing or even whale watching at some of the best California beaches just 25 minutes away!

Ventana Big Sur, California

Ventana Big Sur is a nature lover’s dream destination. The woodsy-chic resort sits right off the Pacific Coast Highway about 150 miles south of San Francisco.

With the 60 guestrooms, you will be blown away when you step onto the property. It features two outdoor pools a fitness center fireplaces and private decks. It’s also home to the best restaurant in Big Sur, The Sur House. Don’t forget to try one of the 10,000 cellar!

The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana

The resort provides several different types of accommodations: guest rooms in the Lodge, private log homes and canvas cabins and tents on a large, beautiful property.

This option allows you to be close to nature without being stripped of the luxury that The Ranch at Rock Creek was founded on. Dining is all included in the price- we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we have a wine shop!

Pfieffer Big Sur, California

While camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur may feel like just camping there are ways to look fab in minutes. With coastal views of the state park large Redwood and Sycamore trees and an 80-foot waterfall that flows into the ocean there is something out of a movie.

Even though the campground is quite large (172 sites), there’s plenty of room for yourself. It never feels crowded or cramped, and it is truly the perfect spot to stop along a California road trip.

Sequoia High Sierra Camp, California

This camp is located in Sequoia-King’s Canyon National Park in California. It is a hike-in resort where you can stay in a cabin on a mountain top. It has glamping facilities, meaning it has the amenities of a hotel but set up as a tent camp where you can camp out and not

The 10 canvas tents are simple but decorated with artisan furniture and luxurious bedding, and even have lanterns to allow you to read in the evenings.

This is a remote area that has little ambient light, meaning on a clear night you can see tens of thousands of stars with stunning mountains in the background.

Under Canvas Moab

The Under Canvas Moab is located at 40 acres, 7 miles north of Moab. There are three tent types: the suite, with an adjacent hive and the stargazer. The suites are ideal for couples and families and feature a private bath, a king-sized bed, and a connecting screen-room. I like the word lounge. It sounds like a place where you can relax and read a book.

The stargazer tent includes a viewing window where you can look at the stars in the desert. Regardless of what tent you choose, enjoy daily housekeeping breakfast and lunch boxes, s’mores, and nightly activities.

Blue Bear Mountain Camp, North Carolina

While Blue Bear Mountain Camp accepts traditional camping and offers some RV spots too, the “glamping” option on this site is to rent one of the traditional tepees that are available.

White walls and large beds provide the tepee with a modern touch, as well as private bathrooms and dishwashing areas. The surrounding woodlands and mountains provide beautiful scenery, as the camp is close to some great hiking trails.

Belcampo Farms, California

What’s a better experience than a free-range, organic summer camp? At Belcampo Farm your stay will feel like an adult summer camp. With luxury tents located in the orchards of the farm, you can enjoy farm-to-table meals prepared by the property’s chefs along Practice lessons throughout the day.

Enjoying a home-cooked meal while watching the sunset over Mount Shasta is something that no one can match.

Steep Ravine, California

Ravine is one of the only public camping sites in California with cabin lodging. Since this is a cliff-side location and since these cabins book out months in advance, it is necessary to reserve these cabins well in advance.

The cabins are absolutely stunning, but the cabins do not have a lot more than bare wooden planks for sleeping and a small fireplace that sits in a corner.

No beds. No electricity. No problem.

Bring your own camping gear like pillows, candles, wildflowers, and an air mattress to make you feel comfortable.

The Resort at Paws Up, Montana

The camping trip to Paws Up Resort is truly luxurious because the resort offers several tent suites with a deck, comfy chairs, and a luxurious bed.

They have a camp butler and chef who will be able to help you prepare your meals, and a dining room with canvas covers to keep out the insects when it gets dark.

A beautiful ceiling fan and a comfortable bed make this place really special. It is a “glamping” destination in the best sense of the word!

Sandy Pine Campground, Kennebunkport Maine.

Sandy Pines is a unique campground that offers many options for your outdoor experience. You can stay in everything from an old wagon to an airstream to a glass dome to a cozy cottage on wheels.

You will enjoy large comfortable beds, fire pits for lounging areas and plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the fresh air.