Hi guys! It’s Michael and Alexandra from Couple’s Coordinates, and we are excited to be contributing to TBA again.

Since we last wrote for The Traveling Animal, we have visited 15 new countries and had some pretty romantic experiences. Last year, we even got married in Bora Bora! For the first blog back with the team at The Traveling Animal, we wanted to share some of our favorite romantic things for couples to do in Thailand.

I recently spent two weeks in Thailand and saw the gorgeous countryside of Thailand from the city streets of Bangkok to the countryside of Chiang Mai.

Hike to the Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint

Koh Phi Phi is a beautiful island in Thailand and is world famous for a couple of reasons: The movie The Beach and the 2004 tsunami that struck the island.

In 2004 a lot has changed. Aid workers and volunteers helped the island recover from the 2004 tsunami and then investment fueled the development of the island. It has become a little touristy, but there are still plenty of places on the island where you’ll feel completely alone. The wife and other locals.

Couples that live in hot and humid areas should climb a lot of stairs. Their partners may be sweaty, but the view will completely overshadow their partner being sweaty.

Bathe Elephants in Chiang Mai

We have traveled to many countries together as a couple and have had the opportunity to do some very exciting activities. I would say that bathing elephants at a sanctuary in Chiang Mai is one of my most favorite things we have ever done together.

We spent the day hiking around Elephant Nature Park feeding and bathing elephants, which are just giant puppies.

They are smart, loyal, and love playing.

Look for places to ride elephants in Thailand. These places invariably harm the elephants to train them to give rides to tourists. Elephant Nature Reserves are sanctuaries that rescue elephants.

This is a fancy and romantic dinner with an inexpensive price tag. This particular dinner includes food that is both healthy and delicious!

For people in the “Western” world, Thailand is an incredibly affordable destination to visit. You will love being able to have romantic dinners with your partner for little money.

You can spend $100 or more on a nice restaurant, but you will find lots of wonderful restaurants where you and your partner can dine for $20-$30. Unbelievable! We can’t even go to Chipotle for $20 in this country.

Skinny Dip at Your Villa

When you have a private pool at your villa, there is absolutely no reason to wear a bathing suit. We enjoyed a villa with a private pool and sunbathing deck while we were staying on Koh Samui.

The island is beautiful and romantic. But spending the afternoon naked with your spouse can really enhance the romance.

When it starts pouring rain, you can take a nice bubble bath.

Hire a Boat

Speaking of that incredible exchange rate in dollars in Thailand—you may hire a private long-tail boat and explore the coastline as well as other islands for about $50 USD a day. Some of our favorite days in Thailand were spent on a boat exploring the Phi Phi Islands or the coastline of Krabi.

The boats are really cute and they give you the opportunity to reach remote areas of islands, which are otherwise difficult or impossible to reach by foot.

You don’t need a yacht or a fancy boat to have an incredible time on the sea with your partner. Long-tail boats are quite romantic and charming in their own right.

The people who sail them have a lifetime of experience and a wealth of knowledge about the area. They can be your personal guide for the day!

Snorkel Maya Beach

Leo shot The Beach on Maya Beach, but the best parts of Phi Phi are actually away from it. Maya Beach has been blocked to tourism over the last year or so because of litter and damage to surrounding reefs.

Unfortunately, many tourists treat this beautiful oasis as a garbage can. Take a boat around the back of the island and snorkel with the locals (the many species of fish) and the gorgeous coral reef.

The water is clear and absolutely beautiful.

Explore the island by hiring a long-tail boat and exploring Phi Phi Le. The crowds do not usually show up until after 9:00 so if you are an early riser like we are you can have the beach to yourself.

There’s a reason so many of our photos have no humans in the background. We don’t edit them out. We explore before they’re awake.

Explore Railay Beach

You have to hire a long-tail boat to reach the Railay beach. You’ll have to sail over from Krabi.

You can explore the surrounding area and climb rocks and swim in the beautiful water. Laying on the beach, you will enjoy a good story as we did!

The cliffs that surround Railay Beach are the ubiquitous cliffs seen throughout the Klong Prao province. They are lush and green while simultaneously steep and rocky. The scenery at Railay is absolutely breathtaking, and you can reach this beach quite easily from the nearby town of Ao Nang.

Couples Massage

Thai people are excellent masseuses. One of the best benefits of traveling in Asia is the prevalence of massage parlors and the incredibly affordable prices for massages. While in Thailand we got a couples massage almost every day because they are often as cheap as $5, and I really enjoyed it. $5 per person.

When we “splurged” on massages, they cost about $20-30 for us.

Take a Muay Thai Class

I trained with a professional Muay Thai fighter and we got our butts kicked! The workout was strenuous, but the experience was great. I had never practiced Muay Thai before going to Thailand, but it was an absolute blast. I even wore the traditional Muay Thai boxing shorts for fun.

Many resorts offer Muay Thai classes as an extra amenity and there are dozens of Muay Thai gyms all over Thailand that would love to welcome you as a guest and provide you with an introductory training.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and very romantic destination, Thailand would be a great place to visit in the fall. As airfares get cheaper, they will get even cheaper in the fall.

You should be able to fly from the west coast of the United States to Europe for about $700. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments section below. We will respond as quickly as possible!

Go White Water Rafting

We got to go white water rafting and the sky opened up and we were soaked before we even got in the boat.

The rafting experience was fun because it got my body worked well and to enjoy an adrenaline rush.