There’s nowhere quite like Ireland. From Cork to Dublin and beyond, there’s gold at the end of every road here.

Ireland is a small country, but each region of the island has its own distinct character. Whether you choose to travel by car, train, or bus the whole island is well worth exploring from top to bottom.

Grab a pint and take in a live traditional music session, then explore the rich history and stunning beauty of the countryside.

While I enjoy Dublin immensely, it’s just one of the many wonders of this beautiful country. Spend a few days touring the must-see sights of this charming city then see some of the lesser known wonders of Ireland.

Did you know one of the most common expressions used to describe a place is “beyond the pale”? The expression was originally used to refer to areas outside Dublin in Ireland. Today, it continues to be used as a way of describing places that are far from civilized society.

Ready to go beyond the pale? Here’s your guide to ten places you’ve got to see beyond Dublin.


Ask anyone in Cork, and they will tell you that it’s the real capital of Ireland. As the second-largest city, this is a major business and cultural hub. As a port city and now a hub for international headquarters, Cork is cosmopolitan.

Explore the foodie delights of the English Market then climb to the top of St Anne’s Church.

Once you reach the peak, you can join the centuries-old tradition of ringing your own tune by grabbing the rope and finding your inspiration.

Blarney Castle

From Cork, you can head south to get to some beautiful seaside towns. The journey will take no more than 15 minutes, and it’s a direct route from Cork City Center. You can also make it there in less than 5 minutes by heading down the iconic Blarney Stone.

Legend has it that once you give the stone a kiss you will forever have the gift of gab.

In Irish the word Blarney means “persuasive eloquence.”

It’s a type of sweet talk that always gets you your way. For those smooth talker skills, kiss the Blarney Stone! While it is definitely a tourist trap, it’s also a fun and memorable experience. Nestled in the lush woodlands of Ireland, the Blarney Castle is actually a pretty cool place Both are must-sees.



The entry point to the Ring of Kerry drive and the start of the 200-mile (125-kilometer) Kerry Way walking trail is in Killarney, Ireland.

You’ll want to plan a day trip to the colorful streets of the town center.

Once you have worked up an appetite, it’s time to sample the local pub grub.

While you’ll probably find a potato on the menu in Dublin, Ireland, you will find the Irish culinary classics out here. And Irish cuisine is so much better than you think!

Move over, Ireland. We have a new Irish food guide for you!


County Galway is one of Ireland’s most attractive locations. The country has numerous cliffs, some of which are found in the majestic Wild Atlantic Way. Travelers can also enjoy the romantic Aran Islands, which are home to many sites of historical significance.

Galway, one of Ireland’s most beautiful cities, is also home to an Irish-speaking community. The city has many places to visit and see the beauty of nature. The city is also home to fascinating history and modern society.

The lively streets of Galway are packed with music, pubs and live events. The town’s university students are abundant, so plan on visiting many pubs to listen to live acts.

Cliffs of Moher

While Galway is a wonderful destination — you must visit the Cliffs of Moher!

One of the most iconic sites of Ireland is the Cliffs of Moher. We’re sure that everyone reading this has seen The Cliffs of Moher at least once during their lifetime, but have you ever stopped to consider what they are? An awe-inspiring series of cliffs formed by erosion, the Cliffs of Moher are

Running 14 kilometers (8.5 miles) along the Atlantic coast of County Clare is dramatic and everything you’ve been dreaming of when you imagine the landscape of Ireland.

Soak in the remarkable landscape and explore the unique local flora and fauna. The gem of the Wild Atlantic Way this is your opportunity to stand atop a 214m (702 feet) cliff and look down at the waves crashing beneath you.

Helpful Tip:

Ireland isn’t exactly known for its great weather. Before you decide on a trip, make sure you are aware of the best times to head there. You will find that Ireland has some erratic weather patterns, so keep in mind that the weather can change in an instant.


Derry is a lovely city to call home. It’s one of the best cities in Ireland and is also on this book’s list of the top destinations in Northern Ireland. A day trip to Derry will be perfect for you!

If you time it right, there’s a place just up ahead that will make a fine stop.

The small city of Derry is one of the most culturally and historically significant places in Northern Ireland. It was founded in 1608 by William O’Neill, a member of the native Irish population who had come to serve as an agent for Britain’s King James I. The town’s name is derived from the Irish “

Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway

In Northern Ireland, there is a beautiful seaside cliff called the Giant’s Causeway. The rock formation is composed of more than 40000 basalt columns. This attraction is considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been a tourist attraction for a long time.

Planning Tip:

The Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills Giant’s Causeway are both near each other in Northern Ireland. They are easy stops on a trip between Belfast and Derry.

If you can manage to take a two-week road trip around Ireland is a true bucket list experience. Grab my condensed version of the guide for reference!


The capital of Northern Ireland is a welcomed destination around the island of Ireland.

Explore the unique culture of this welcoming town with a Black Cab Tour. Grab brunch at St. George’s Market then hop on a tour to get an insider look at the city and its complex history.

After visiting the wonderful Victorian buildings, you should wander through the city center, taking in the modern-day Irish cuisine. Afterwards, visit the Titanic museum to learn all about how this ship was built.

Once you’ve seen the bright lights of the city head off toward the Causeway Coastal Route.


The Wild Atlantic Way was one of the highlights of my Southern Ireland 2016 Road Trip. I’d heard that the route was specifically named by National Geographic Traveler as one of the 10 most beautiful places on Earth.

And I was still stunned at how beautiful this place truly was in real life.

This little town is the only one on the Dingle Peninsula, and it’s the gateway to endless lines of dramatic seaside cliffs and sandy beaches.

Planning Tip: On your very first adventure to Ireland? You need my 10 Tips for Your First Trip to Ireland.


One of the most picturesque places in County Wicklow is the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Just a short distance from Dublin, you can be here at the heart of this majestic region.

One of the best day trips from Dublin Glendalough is an easy trip that will show you the countryside in one afternoon without any planning.

Glendalough Valley is a dream spot for hiking. There are nine hiking trails, each of which is different in nature. Some are short walks through the park, while others take you on a full-day adventure through the forest.