The Greek Islands are so diverse!

From the blue and white houses that line the coast of the Cyclades islands to the lush green vegetation on the Ionian islands to the historical sites of Dodecanese islands Greece is a world unto itself.

While I love Santorini (just LOOK at these pics!), you’re spoiled for choice here. Booking a ticket to the first familiar name can rob you of the experience of a lifetime. You know, if your budget is tight, you don’t want to go on overpriced tours which are designed to take money out of

In Greece, it’s all about finding the perfect island for your adventure.

Ready for an amazing vacation adventure? These are ten places to visit in Greece that you ought to know.


Milos is another name for the island of Greece and is one of my favorites in the chain. I love this old Greek island, especially because it’s affordable and a great getaway from the tourist traps.

On the southwestern edge of the Cyclades group of islands this off-the-beaten-path location gives you a glimpse into the authentic local culture.

Where else can you find such authenticity? Where else can you experience the genuine local life and culture of a place like Milos?

Ruins of Temple of Apollo


Everybody knows that Greece is a dream destination for those who love the beach. As any bonafide beach bum knows however, the beach is many things to many people.

If your seaside sojourns are more about making a splash than soaking in the sun, Naxos is for you. ### Original: Find out what many people consider to be the most tastiest fish, crab, shrimp, lobster, crawfish or oysters. How about prawns? They are not only

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One of the most popular destinations in Greece is one called Mykonos. As a result, the island has become very familiar to so many people.

I’ve been to this place a few times now. Each time is different, but most of all, I love what it has to offer. Some people like to go wild and don’t stop partying for days on end; others like to take their time and relax in one of the many luxury resorts.

Choose your adventure then head over to my Complete Mykonos Travel Guide to start planning. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Madeleine Merritt is the creator of the award-winning blog “The Sewing Room,” which explores contemporary sewing. She has also taught middle-school sewing classes in the San Francisco

Knossos at Crete


Crete is a dreamy holiday spot that is a destination of choice year-round. With pastel villas dotting the white-sand coastline between the vibrant cities of the island you can have a bit of everything here.

The biggest of all the Greek islands this is a perfect stop to take in when you need to get away for a few days.


I took a trip to the Saronic Islands in Greece. On Hydra, I saw an island with no cars or motorbikes, all very unusual for such a small island. Local residents travel by water taxis instead of cars.

For a totally off the chart experience in the Greek Isles, add this to your itinerary. For a totally off-the-grid experience with crystal clear and deserted beaches, add this to your travel list.


If you’ve already checked out my Helpful Tips For Traveling the Greek Islands, you’ll know that I am obsessed with the beach of Paros.

Greece is a destination for tourists hoping to visit some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The country’s coasts are filled with stunning white sand beaches, majestic cliffs, and blue waters. These beaches are often visited by celebrities hoping to enjoy the local lifestyle.

Paros is an amazing destination with stunning beaches, small villages, and authentic culture. The beaches are picturesque and the villages are original.


Between Naxos and Santorini you’ll find the island of Ios, which is much-loved by many.

This island in the Aegean Sea is a popular party spot. It attracts a younger crowd, but it’s very budget-friendly compared to Mykonos.

If you’re on a girlfriend getaway or looking for a place that is easily accessible by ferry, this is a great place to visit.


You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale as you explore the historic village of Rhodes.

As an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rhodes Old Town is one of Europe’s most captivating views into what life used to be like in Greece.

And things are looking bright these days! Rhodes has a never-ending list of upcoming cultural events, gorgeous beaches and countless restaurants.


Another great place to visit for history lovers is Kos. A beautiful island with ancient Greek and Roman treasures to discover, it offers travelers the opportunity to relive the glory of ancient Greece and Rome.

Wander villas from the third century sip cocktails by the beach then jet-set away as you stroll around with your friends. How does that sound for a day out?

Beyond just a look at the historical roots of Greece, Kos is also a cultural meeting point for those who want to explore the Mediterranean cultures.


The island of Kefalonia is quite popular on Instagram. You’ve probably already seen it in your feed, or at least heard about it. The island is located in the Ionian Sea, off the coast of Greece. The main city on the island is called Argostoli, and it has an interesting history to go along with

This is a dream destination for those who love to explore and be inspired. It has miles of stunning beaches, canyons, and caves.

When one wants to get away from it all, the perfect destination is Kefalonia. The many hidden beaches of that island are just what you want to do when you want to get away from it all.