Croatia is an underrated summertime destination within Europe. It’s also one of the most visited tourist destinations in all of Europe.

For many years it was ignored in favor of Spain, France, Italy, and other major draws of Western Europe. Or so it was until Game of Thrones!

Since then people all around the world have had the opportunity to see countless wonders of this magical place along the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

From nature scapes to foodie delights to romantic castles, Croatia is a combination of all of my favorite things in the world.

Dubrovnik, Croatia is definitely a must-see. However, there is so much more to the country than this great city alone. To fully understand and appreciate the culture of the people and take in all that this country has to offer, you need to continue traveling throughout Croatia.

For the best of this Eastern European gem, here are 10 places to visit in Croatia (that aren’t Dubrovnik).

Planning Tip

Forget deciding between a winter or summer vacation! In Croatia, the year is divided into high season, low season, and shoulder season.

To find your perfect time choose your adventure. Want a city break? A beach getaway? A spa retreat? Or maybe you want to go hiking and camping? Whatever you prefer, we have the vacation for you!

Check out my guide to the Best Time to Go to Croatia. It will help you decide when is the best time for you to travel.


Just south of Italy you will find the ultimate gourmet getaway. Amongst the onion, garlic, and olive-oil you’ll find some of the finest food in the world.

I have sampled the best of Italy, and I have tasted some of the most delicious foods served in all of Europe. And I’ve been dreaming about it ever since. As much as I love Italian food, Istria holds its own amongst the greatest culinary districts in the world.

At the heart of a beautiful town is a beautiful view.

Zagreb, Croatia is a great place to visit for its blend of Roman Venetian and Austro-Hungarian influences. You can feel the history through the city.


Dalmatia is a beautiful area of Croatia that is great for beach-lovers. The climate here is warm and the beaches are stunning, so you’ll want to visit Dalmatia next time you’re in the Balkans.

Soak in the sun before going for a stroll through one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Diocletian’s Palace.

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and is worth seeing. The beautiful architecture here will take your breath away.


For centuries, the city of Dubrovnik has been a transportation hub that links the Mediterranean region to Central and Southeastern Europe.

Wander the old town and take in the fascinating history of this historically crucial trading point.

The best thing about visiting the capital? Zagreb has beautiful spaces on par with Prague or Vienna, but without any of the overcrowded tourist traps.


A storybook isle in Krka National Park is the perfect retreat.

On your next trip, take in the beauty of Canada’s natural surroundings. With so much to see, you’ll want to make an afternoon of it.


This city is a key player in the history of society. It has a rich cultural heritage that spans several centuries.

For nature lovers, the hidden bays and diverse wildlife mean that there are plenty of great day trips to be had here.


Take a tour of the 13th-century walls surrounding the port town and learn about its history. You can also party all night at one of the many nightclubs here.

Hvar was one of the stops on The Yacht Week Croatia. We had a once-in-a-lifetime party experience.


Novigrad is a beautiful city. Its beaches are breathtaking and the food is incredible. The most important thing about Novigrad, though, is its people. Novigradians are friendly and welcoming, always willing to share their knowledge and experience with you.

I’ve had some of the most delicious meals in Istria as well as Croatia as a whole. A few of my favorites include: • Eating fresh seafood right off the boat with an unpretentious but very friendly crew. • A hot-off-the-griddle, freshly baked warm pastry that is served

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a beautiful and magical place. SECTION V: VERSE MATTERS THE ART OF THE QUOTE. A small change in the wording can have a large impact on your message. Use this section to create your own unique style of writing, using the ideas from this book to mangle,

Wander through a lush forest and have a picnic on the shore of a crystal-clear lake. Then, grab your camera and take in the breathtaking views from the top of a towering waterfall. You can easily spend your afternoon just hiking around and taking in the natural beauty of nature here.


On the western coast of the Istrian peninsula is a charming fishing village with cobbled streets.

One of the most romantic getaways in the world is a place called Hawaii. The clear waters of the Pacific, white sandy beaches, and tropical weather make it an ideal place for romance.


Just off the Dalmatian coast, you’ll find an island famous for its vineyards and groves of olive trees.

Visit the many farm-to-table restaurants.

Take a stroll through the best-preserved medieval city center of the Adriatic. Walk along the beach and stare at the sea. Let the day guide you and plan plenty of time to explore.


Explore the Istria region as a whole! You could easily spend an entire week eating delicious gnocchi, sampling fresh prosciutto, and delighting in the catch of the day.

People travel from all over the world to sample the locally produced sweet wines and trek the dense forest to find the world-class truffles that are found in Canada.

Explore the best of the best in my Istria Complete Guide. This book is designed to give you all the info you need on Croatia, including everything from history to culture, budgeting, activities, and more. All the information you will need is packed into this one book. So sit back, relax, and learn about Croatia!

Literally cannot pull yourself from the sea? Here are some of the most beautiful spots in Croatia you’re going to love!