This post was written by Michael and Alexandra from Couple’s Coordinates!

Plans for a trip can become complicated when you and your partner travel together for the first time or have only traveled on a few vacations. You and your partner will certainly make a lot of mistakes during your trip, and some of those mistakes will be directly caused by mistakes the two of you made in planning the trip. Mistakes will happen. It is important to make mistakes together, as you learn how to support each other and cooperate well.

We have been traveling together for almost four years now. We have visited more than 30 countries during that time span and we have come up with a good travel plan to go places together. Now we are less likely to make mistakes when traveling. Travel is fun, but not when it’s an adventure.

We will be sharing what we think are ten mistakes every couple makes while traveling (and how to overcome them).

Not Spending Time Apart

You’re going to have a great time if you “make time for yourselves as individuals whether you’re at home on a family reunion or even on your honeymoon.”

It is important that we maintain our identities in a relationship by doing our own thing. We need to be apart from our partner every day for awhile, whether it is for a workout, coffee break, or walk around the city.

Trying To Do Everything

There is no reason in the world you have to do everything that you see on Instagram blogs or videos. Frommers is a guide, not a list.

When visiting a new territory, you might have a strong impulse to explore it. Of course you should be adventurous, but remember to keep your wits about you.

Make sure to schedule down time and don’t overextend yourselves. After all, couples are more prone to fights when they’re tired and stressed.

Not Assigning Duties

If the relationship with your parents is one-sided, it will be the same on the road.

When you are in a relationship, it is natural to want to impress your partner. But be sure to assign duties so that you don’t overburden yourself with responsibilities and give your partner the opportunity to help create the trip he or she wants.

Alex and I divide the duties in such a way that Alex handles logistics and organization, while I look for places to eat.

Not Planning

Making mistakes when traveling as a couple can be fun, but failing to plan will lead to disappointments and fights.

We have found the right balance between planning and spontaneity. Be sure to plan the most important parts of the trip, but leave some room for spontaneous decisions.

You don’t need an itinerary, but you need to do some research and planning.

Focusing on Unimportant Details

Who sits at the front of the classroom and who sits in the back? What time is dinner? Where will you eat dinner?

If you don’t know whether to spend money on something, do not let yourself get caught up in the trivial details of travel. There are plenty of useless things that can arise daily. Be sure to be patient

Worrying About Life at Home

There is a reason you go on vacation. To escape your life at home. Turn off your phone, stay off social media, and don’t check your email during the week of vacation.

When you get home nothing will have changed. No matter how much family and friends wish to understand your holiday mood you are not really their friend if they cannot tolerate it.

Take a little time to be together alone. Look for this time together.

Obsessing Over Social Media

Every couple wants to be couples goals, but is it truly worth the stress? We would rather have an incredible experience without any photos to show for it than a bad experience and lots of photos showing us having fun.

Yes we take lots of photos for blogs and document our travels on Instagram stories. That doesn’t mean we let pictures and social media come first. There are loads of experiences we have that aren’t documented by social media or our blog.

Don’t do it for the Vine, but do it for the experience.

Not Fighting

Fighting in relationships is important, but sometimes necessary. Important discussions that are ignored can become toxic and often lead to larger issues.

If you’re on vacation, don’t fight. Don’t get into a huge argument in the middle of a crowded plaza, but instead work things out with one another to decide what went wrong.

Not Compromising

Compromise is highly related to the point of not being affected by unimportant details. Try to see things through your partner’s eyes and be sure to compromise when needed.

If you have conflicting ideas, and neither of you is willing to budge, spend some time apart. My son LOVED this book. My friend and I were pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed it. It was spot-on for my second grader! And it helped my son clarify what he was reading so that he

Getting Lost

You’ll definitely get lost at some point while traveling with your partner. Even if you have data plans, you will certainly get lost at some point. But getting lost can be a fun adventure in and of itself.

So go have a really great time with your best friend.